Friday, March 17, 2006


On the road again...

I attended a good two period class this morning at Life on Wheels on digital photography, then the wrap up session. All was over by about 12:30. I finished getting ready to leave & got away about 13:30.

I had thought I would go to Gila Bend & spend the night but I got there just after 15:30, got gas, and kept on. I pulled into Quartzsite about 18:35, bought a hamburger to go at Mark's Family Diner and drove north of town on Hwy 95 to a camping area. I am boondocking again on BLM land but the price is right (free) & I don't want any amenities as I'll just get up early and go. Tomorrow I will enter California after two & a half months in Arizona. I should make it at least to Bakersfield & maybe Kingsburg, near Fresno.

This was a no-mocha day but tomorrow I only have about 30 miles to go to get to Parker & I know where there is a good mocha stand there! I'll fill the gas tank just before I get to I-40 as gas is usually a lot cheaper in AZ than it is in CA.

Be safe Dick, watch out for the others
it is so seldom us we have to worry about
usually the others that prove to be the
Mocha available in Eugene !! ;->

Drive safe! Enjoy the drive, it was a beautiful Spring day here today! The tulips will probably be out for you when you get home! The dafodils are!
Enjoy your trip, Dick. Do drive savely, though. There are a lot of crazies out on the road.
Take care, Meow
Dick - this is my first time here. I found you through green eyed girl. You are living a life I dream of living some day - god willing. I look forward to reading more about your adventures and I will say cheers to you and your mochas... love the mochas.

Take gentle care, Meg
I can hear Willie Nelson singing your song, Dick! Safe journies!
Hi Dick, good to see that you caught up with a digital photography class in your travels. I am glad you are finding a big interest in the photos, you certainly take some awesome pics, thanks for posting them by the way. Glad your travels are going well. Cheers,
Hi Dick ,
you sound like your very busy and on the move , love following you around , hope your feeling well , Huggy too!cant wait for the new pics and such maybe there will be a new one of HUGGY? Rubs behind the ears for my buddy and the cat too! sorry LOL Thought Id give you a chuckle , take it easy out there and Rub Huggy for me .
Take care
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