Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We made it home to Mt. Vernon

I really pushed since I had good weather and arrived home in Mt. Vernon yesterday, Monday the 20th about noon. It was spring (arrived 10:26am) both by the calendar and weather-wise, so thanks to all who helped by making the weather good. I drove 1757 miles in 70.5 hours including sleep & rest time. That is not the way I prefer to travel (I like 200 miles a day or less) but I wanted to get through the mountains and passes in northern California and southern Oregon while we were between storms and another was predicted to arrive from the Gulf of Alaska late Sunday. I guess it is late but the sky is overcast here this morning so maybe it is here now.

I have a few things to get done including working with the last photos and I will try to get to them today or tomorrow, and then get them posted. Huggy seems glad to be back home to the house where she has a lot more room to roam and it never gets as cold overnight as the RV often did.

A question was asked in one of the comments as to what I was going to do with this blog when I returned home and was not RVing at the moment. The answer is that I don't know but I expect I will continue it with ongoing activities. In a little over a week I will head back to Tucson to drive the Miata home and that should generate some different things to write about, but Huggy will not be along.

Welcome home!! Are ya freezing yet? hehehehe
Who's going to take care of Huggy?
Hi Dick, Good that you are back home and safe. When you are not travel, You can use your blog for a detail description on a happening on photo arts.

In the mean time, I upgraded my camera to a D70 from D50. Here is my new photo web site with only list the better pic.


Welcome home Dick and Huggy. I'm sure you will have lots to do around the house to get the place lived in again.
I'd like to thankyou for the time you spent here, journaling your travels. It was a treat to see all your photos and the interesting sights that you shared along the way. But most of all, thank you for taking us all along with you and welcoming us into your life in this way.
If you ever decide to travel up over the 49th parallel, I hope you will make sure to have Maple Ridge as one of your stopping places.
Hi Dick, glad you made it home safely. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels, and hope that you don't discontinue your blog now you are home. You have made many friends in blogland, who would miss you tremendously.
Enjoy have 4 stable walls, that don't move.
Give Huggy a hug for me.
Take care, Meow
Welcome home Dick, glad you and Huggy are safe and sound!
Hi Dick
Hope you keep your blog on, we would miss you , you could always post about HUGGY LOL I volunteer to watch her while you go to get your car (you would never get her back is the catch, I love Black kitties, miss mine )LOL .Loved to know what is going on on your part of the planet any time stationary or not!
Give Miss Huggy a scratch under the chin for me and make sure to drive safe ,take care
No Dick, we dont still have snow. The photos I posted of the poles was taken last week. Now its mild and balmy, albeit wet again.
Hi Dick, I am glad to see you made it back home safely, and in good weather. I know you started this blog at the begining of your R.V. trip, I really hope you do decide continue it, as you have made some new friends along the way. I wouldn't want to see the blog come to an end, now that the trip has done so. Cheers,
I hope you comtinue to blog on a regular basis. I enjoy reading of the travels and/or adventures of others
Glad to hear that you are home safe and that Huggy is happy. I hope you keep blogging.
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