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Flowers from my yard

I have a flowering tree in the yard that has a lot of beautiful pink flowers on it each year in April for a short time, then they seem to change to leaves. Actually, the petals do fall to the ground but it looks almost like they are changing into the leaves. It was in the month of August when we first saw this house and this tree didn't look like anything special, it just had green leaves on it. The following spring we were off on our first long Snowbird trip in the RV and didn't get back home until early May. By then the leaves were back, just like the previous year. But last year we got home at the end of March and we were real surprised in April when these beautiful flowers came out! Does anyone know what kind of a tree this is?
Yard flowers 1

Here is a closer view of some of the flowers, with one that is just changing from a bud into a flower:
Yard flowers 2

Here is an even closer view. You'd never guess that I really like taking closeup and macro type photos:
Yard flowers 3

These photos were taken last Sunday. When the weather is nice here in the north west it is really beautiful, with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. We had a bit of a drop in temperatures and some clouds Tuesday with trace amounts of rain overnight but by Wednesday afternoon the weather was back to being pretty nice. I started mowing my lawn Tue because I thought from the weather report we were to have rain overnight and into Wed morning, but there didn't turn out to be much. Seattle gets ten inches a year more precipitation than my town of Mt. Vernon, 60 miles north of Seattle. The weather reports are on a Seattle TV station. I did get the lawn mowing finished this morning.

Annie was the Queen and the lady who started the Little Mountain Red Hatter chapter here in Mt. Vernon. So, when she bought tulips you can bet that they were red and purple. I didn't get them planted before we left on our Snowbird trip in Dec, 2004 but one of our great neighbors did plant them for her while we were gone. This is their second season and they are beautiful. Here is a photo showing one of the purple ones and a couple of the reds along with it:
Yard flowers 4

I don't know what the yellow flowers in the background are either. They are kind of a ground cover type thing, small in size. Here's a close up of a purple tulip:
Yard flowers 5

I have a macro lens that I like to play with and it allows photos so close you get a one to one size. I moved in nearly that close for this next macro shot looking down into one of the red tulips:
Yard flowers 6

I have a bunch of these smaller yellow flowers, many of them in the grass. Yeah, I do know what they are and they are too prolific, but they actually are kind of pretty in their own way, too. The white flowers in the background are another of the ground cover type ones in the garden:
Yard flowers 7

If you want to see any of these in a larger size, just click on it with your mouse and you will be whisked to my photo site on Flickr. Click on "All Sizes" at the top of the photo and it will come up in the largest size. I usually upload them to Flickr in the 800 by about 542 pixel size.

Today I spent time at church helping to setup for tomorrow's plant and book sale, with an English tea lunch served also. Annie worked on it last year and I felt I wanted to lend a hand helping this year as she can't do it this time. Of course I also bought some books and will probably find more tomorrow that I want (need.) There are over 3300 books there to choose from. I will take my camera and see if I can't get some photos of the event and maybe post some later.

Dick, the flower could be Camellia. See this link and view some of the pic.
no it isnt a camelia, they are bushes not trees and have green leathery leaves. It looks to me like a flowering plum. No fruit, right?

When I was stationed in ADAK, AK, the tundra was so bleak and brown, and when the dandilions bloomed around the B.O.Q, I thought they were soooo pretty!! Then came july and the whole Tundra was purple with lupines and orchids.
Well it looks like a camelia to me.
You take lovely photos, Dick! I used to have a camera with a macro on it, and had fun playing with it. My sister is the photo expert in our family.
I have to agree, it looks like either an ornamental peach or plum to me, judging not just by the flowers but by the leaves I can see.
You take such gorgeous pictures, Dick. I envy you. The tulips and the flowering tree all are beautiful. :-)
Looks like a flowering plum or cherry to me. But it is a gorgeous flower. And I love all your macro shots ... your camera is fabulous ... mine won't go quite that close (I don't think ... maybe I should try !). Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos.
Take care, Meow
I have no clue what kind it is, but it is beautiful, as are all your pictures.
No clue what the tree is, but what beautiful pictures you take! Thank you for always sharing then with us, Dick!
I have no clue as to what it is but you do know how to take beautiful pictures Dick. Thank you for sharing with us as you do.
I love nature and you capture it well.
I tried to do this earlier but Blogger wouldn't let me post. I'll try again.

When Annie died I notified Social Security of her death. I signed up to start my own SS after my 62nd birthday in Sep but the guy I talked with said he could sign me up for a survivor benefit on Annie's until mine started, three months of that benefit. It provided enough extra money to buy a Nikon D70s digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera that I'd wanted but wasn't willing to spend the money on. I consider it an unplanned gift from Annie for something to spend time doing after she was no longer with me. I added some accessories including a 90mm Tamron macro lens, which was used on these yard flowers.

I have a lot to learn but it sure is fun going through that process. I also have a small Sony digital that is useful as it will fit in a pocket. I'll take it along when I don't have room for the Nikon, like on the plane ride to Tucson to drive the Miata home. Digital pics are great as the media encourages you to take a lot of photos. The cost is low or non-existant once you have the equipment and you can easily delete the failures. It combines photography and playing with computers, two activities I enjoy.
No, it's not a camelia...I know what those look like...this is the same tree that is in my neighbor's back yard that when the wind blows, it looks like pink snow all over the place. It's a really beautiful tree...I'll have to ask him what kind it is.
No, it's not a camelia...I know what those look like...this is the same tree that is in my neighbor's back yard that when the wind blows, it looks like pink snow all over the place. It's a really beautiful tree...I'll have to ask him what kind it is.
Flabberghasting pictures as always.
You take such stunning pictures Dick! Beautiful garden you have.
Outstanding pictures!
Last summer, when I was heavily pregnant and we weren't home much, my yard went to the dogs. Literally. My bushes are dead, lol.

I've spent the last four days undoing last summer's neglect. My pansies sure are pretty!

Our soil is all salt. We are limited to what will grow. For some reason we all have the nicest tulips and rose bushes.
Your pictures remind me of the Japanese Cherry trees at UW. Not the same tree of course. I mean, it reminds me of some pictures I took of them in the "pre-digital" days. I still have one print but I've lost the negatives.

I'm inspired. Got to dig out my little p&s digital and try again. TTFN
Hi Dick, you really get some great photos with that camera of yours Dick, the pictures of the flowers are beautiful. The top ones are cherry blossom aren't they? Cheers,
Hi Dick
I just started reading your blog and am loving to hear of your travels
I'm also digging your pics, I'm an artist and the macro shot of the red tulip makes me want to paint
i'm looking for a nice digital and may follow you on this one
thanks for sharing and God Bless you
"a new fan"
This is a message from Japan. I'd agreee that the blossom is a type of SAKURA, or cherry blossom. There are several types, and this is one I've often seen. The brevity of the blossom is one of its most endearing characteristics.
I do believe these are Quanza Cherry Trees. We have some here in Georgia and they are identical to these blossoms. They flower in March or early spring and then the blossoms fall and leaves appear on the tree for the rest of the summer.
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