Saturday, April 01, 2006


Happy April Fool's Day from Yuma, AZ

The trip to Tucson Thursday on Alaska Airlines was fine & cousin's J & V met me at the airport. They drove up just as I walked out of the door. Perfect timing! I left their home north of Tucson yesterday morning about 09:30 & arrived at cousin's J & S's home in Yuma just after 13:00. I won't be making as many miles today since my miles today in Arizona will mostly be on two-lane roads with a lower speed limit, and once in California the speed limit isn't as high as it is in Arizona. I think I'll get to Bakersfield or maybe Kingsburg by tonight & find a motel for the night. I know where there is a Starbucks at Kingsburg & there is probably a motel close to it.

The car has been working fine & is fun to drive. I found the second half of the fuel tank goes down faster on the gauge then the first half, but my speed on the freeway was about 85 most of the way here. The mileage will probably be better with lower speeds today. Now to go find a gas station & a stop at Zodiak Internet Cafe for a mocha for the road. I'll try to add a bit to this tonight when I stop, wherever that will be.

85 MPH in a convertible....are you CRAZY?? I worked on an ambulance for 10 years. BE CAREFUL!!
Have a safe trip, Dick. Drive safely, take care, Meow
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