Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'm back on the road heading north today.

I plan to leave Sacramento this morning & drive to Eugene, Oregon today. I have a reservation tonight in a Motel 6 there. No, it's not $6 either, but it was $4.20 cheaper by making my reservation online. That's a long drive in one day but the sun is about to rise here & it looks like no rain, so the "weather window" is good for a road trip.

I was planning to get new tires for the car tomorrow in Eugene but instead got them yesterday here in Sacramento. Oregon has no sales tax so I'd have saved some money but the old tires were in poor condition, especially the treads if the road were wet. They should make the trip safer & sure do ride smoother. It turns out that California doesn't charge sales tax on manual labor, so it was only figured on the tires themselves, at under $22 in tax. I think it is worth that for the safety & I'd have been cutting it pretty short on time tomorrow when I plan to drive from Eugene to home.

It is time now to put this computer away & get my things packed to go. I will try to add another note tonight from Eugene and add a photo then.

have a good,safe drive. Awaiting pics!
Safe journey, Dick!
Sounds like you are making great time with your trip home. Hope the new tires make the trip safer. I think on my reply to your comment on my blog, I asked you to cuddle Huggy for me ... oops, I forgot, Huggy is still at home. HOld that cuddle till you get home, please !!!
Drive safely, Dick, and take care, Meow
Seems like a fun travel adventure here! ~ jb///
Here by way of Green Eyes,
I'm a fairly new reader, but I've been lurking a while, just reading and admiring your pics and Huggy, :). I'm an animal lover myself, and especially kitties, ;). Hope you have a good, safe trip, and bring us back lots of photos, please! :)
Thank you all for the safe journey wishes. So far ir has been good & with only leg left I am hoping it will continue the same way. I will be glad to get back to the fast Internet connection at home.

I had a downer last night when I learned that the wife of one of my cousins died yesterday morning from cancer. She was only 59 years old & has been fighting that disease for five years or so. I will be making a trip to Spokane the weekend after this to attend her Memorial Service. Why are so many of the women I know dieing before their men? It isn't supposed to happen that way.
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