Monday, April 10, 2006


Some nice photos on a friend's blog

I am getting a few things caught up around home & will have to make a short trip to Eastern Washington State this weekend to attend a Memorial Service, but don't plan any big trips in the near future. On April 22nd I'll go on the 25th annual Tulip Rallye sponsored by the MG Car Club Northwest Centre and I will take some photos there to post. My navigator on the rally will be the instructor from the digital imaging class I took at the local college last fall.

In the meantime, Padriac is a friend, Escapees RV Club member and fulltime RVer who is currently in Benson, Arizona. He has been taking and posting some beautiful photos on his blog, RV Escapades. If you want to see some great travel photos, go check him out. I also have a link to his blog in my side bar.

I went to the local Mazda place today to check about things on my new car. They said one recall item has not been taken care of. They also have the keys for my car in stock and they are half the price here that the dealer in Tucson wanted for them, so I guess it is good that I waited. They are still $25 each plus they have to be programed. This is part of the theft protection system. They didn't have a way to check whether the former owners had done the 30,000 mile service but said it should show up in the shop so I have to have the car there at 8am tomorrow morning. If they do that service it takes 5 hours. They will also do the recall item and program the new keys. Then it should be in fine shape for the trip to Spokane and back at the end of the week.

Meow, I asked son B where he visited in Australia. He didn't get to Melbourne but was in Sidney, Darwin, McKay and Perth. He says those ports were probably the best ones he has visited.

Hi Dick,
Shame B didn't get to Melbourne ... it's a lovely place to visit (and live !!!).
I'll have to get over and visit your friend Padriac's blog ... sounds interesting.
Have a great day, take care, Meow
Hello Dick, I back posted more info on my waxing and polishing experience on the truck. Here is a link. Thanks for the referral. We will get moving after the tax time.
I'll have to check the site out you suggested. Good luck when you take the care in
Enjoy your week. :)
Hello Dick, here is a link back to my BLOG to your question on the power polisher. Hope that help. You have wonderful day!
Hey there Dick. My dad says he has gone by the biosphere 2 but not actually to it.
Hey Dick
Hope all goes well at garage for you and the keys all work out , have a great trip and be safe ,hugs for Huggy ,ok a rub too:)
Take care
So where does the Tulip Rallye take you? Our buses into Mt Vernon have been l-a-t-e all week because of the Tulip Festival traffic.
Happy Easter Dick!

God bless,
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