Saturday, April 01, 2006


There's a rodeo in town

I made it to the Swedish Inn at Kingsburg, CA about 18:30 Calif. time but they were full. It seems there is a rodeo nearby and it has brought a lot of people into all the inns that are anywhere close. The lady there sent me north five more miles to the town of Selma,CA and the Super 8 Motel, which by the way does NOT cost $8 a night. It is clean & nice with places nearby to eat so will work fine for me and I am actually five miles closer to where I go tomorrow than I'd have been in Kingsburg.

The drive today was fine, good weather all the way but it certainly is cooler over here out of the desert. When I stopped for gas & lunch just north of Lake Havasu City it was almost hot. I did run the air conditioner (I have the top up on the car) to stay cool but it sure isn't needed here in California. I bought gas three times today - when I started in Yuma (& a mocha), just before leaving Arizona for California because it was cheaper there and again in Bakersfield. At the first two stops, both in Arizona, the price was $2.599/gallon but in Bakersfield, CA it was $2.859/gal. All were Chevron brand and the same grade of fuel. Part of the difference may be a higher tax in CA.

Tomorrow I have less than 200 miles to go to the home of G & C M in Sacramento. G is a friend from high school who I haven't seen in years but I recently learned he has been in Sac for 35 years & we got in contact via email. It will be fun to touch bases again & meet his wife. Hopefully we can all get together again in Spokane later this summer at a reunion of old friends that G R is putting together there in late July. After that visit I will go to the home of cousins R & M R. Do you notice that I have a lot of cousins? I do, and I enjoy them all. I look forward to seeing these two again.

More later.

I assume the prices you quote are for premium, Dick? I filled up yesterday out at the air base and paid $2.69/gal. The Miata gets a LOT better mileage than the RV, doesn't it!?!


Even with the AC on, I still get close to 30 mpg at a steady 80 mph. That said, we both know long freeway trips aren't what Miatas (Miatae?) are all about!
Loved your pictures.
Laura and Gordon
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