Friday, April 07, 2006


The trip to bring the Miata home

I arrived home about 15:00 this afternoon. Huggy seemed glad to see me and is still staying pretty close all the time. The weather was good for all of the trip home from Sacramento and the car performed fine all the way from Tucson. I am happy that I did go ahead and purchase the new tires Wed in Sacramento as I was planning to do so when home anyway and it made the trip safer. I have eleven photos to post from activities during the week.

This first one was taken from the airplane as we approached the airport in Tucson, AZ. For most of the three hour flight there were clouds so nothing could be seen on the ground, but the last 20 minutes or so it cleared up and the weather was fine in Tucson. This will show you a bit of the landscape in the area and you can see part of the city in the background:
Get Miata trip 1

This second photo is of the front of my cousins J & V's home in Tucson. I like the style of houses there. They selected the style of roof with a slope to it and tiles rather than the flat roof sometimes used there. I think this is better since it does rain there and it is often a hard rain when it does. Notice how the landscaping is planned for minimum water needs and also ease of maintenance:
Get Miata trip 2

Here I am last Friday morning in front of their house, ready to start the trip:
Get Miata trip 3

That afternoon I visited with RV friends D & J S at their RV in Yuma. D & I worked together for years at Metro Transit in the Seattle area. They travel fulltime in their RV and with three cats. This is Bif, their 30 pounder:
Get Miata trip 4

My cousins R & M in Sacramento, CA have this sign in their kitchen. Its message is pretty self-explanitory:
Get Miata trip 5

I spent four days in Sacramento and we visited the State Railroad Museum, among other things. I have a lot of HO gauge model railroad things that I want to setup when (if?) I ever find the time. The museum there is primarily about the way the railroads helped in the settling of the state but there are also some models in the upstairs part of the building. This is the sign on the wall outside:
Get Miata trip 6

This is one of the locomotives on exhibit. The "man" is not real but very well done:
Get Miata trip 7

The railroad I want to model is the Great Northern RR from about 1960, here in the northwest. This is the inside of a Great Northern mail car from about that era. It was actually a post office on rails where the stamps were cancelled and the letters sorted as to their final destinations. This was all done by hand:
Get Miata trip 8

This is a beautiful example of another of the older steam powered locomotives on display there in the museum:
Get Miata trip 9

There was a large model railroad setup behind glass but it was the larger G scale rather than the HO gauge that I will use. This is a small diorama of a round house in a rail yard that was done in HO scale and displayed in a glass case:
Get Miata trip 10

People talk about the various scale model sizes but it really doesn't mean much unless you can see the differences. This photo shows the same Santa Fe RR diesel locomotive in six different model sizes. The largest is G, the smallest Z. My HO scale is the third smallest of those shown here:
Get Miata trip 11

While in Sacramento we also toured the Crocker Mansion which is now a nice art museum and we attended a music production on Wed that is a weekly noon program at a local church. It is free and aimed at the lunch hour crowd. The program this past week was three ladies who sing songs from the 1920s to the 1950s. Sacramento is also blessed with many Starbucks outlets so we had no problem finding my daily mocha. It rained through Wed and my cousins like to go on a daily walk, so we walked in a local mall. When we drove the Miata to the Les Schwab store for my new tires, the exit we were to take was closed due to a flooded road. It took awhile to find the place since our directions didn't work. It really does rain in California!

Thanks for the comments on our BLOG. Since we are working on the road, we need more power than average RVers. The project took longer than we thought. But that is always the case, since I learn as I go.

Looks like you get you car back to Washington, we will be up in your area in the late summer. May be we can hook up for a mocha.
Hi Dick, and welcome home. PLease give Huggy a big hug for me.
Your trip looks amazing ... I love the pics from the railway museum ... I think trains are so cool. Your cousin's home looks amazing ... just beautiful, and i love the garden ... cactii are my favorites.
Glad you are home, safe and sound. Now you can zip around in your gorgeous new car ... too cool.
Have a great weekend (or what's left of it !) Take care, Meow
Welcome home!
I see ya brought the rain with ya!
Loved the photos Dick. The old steam engines are really works of art.
Drive carefully in that sardine can wont you. It sure is a beauty and I love the color, but its so tiny! Looks like a challenge to get in and out of!
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The hokey pokey sign made me laugh - thanks for brightening my day! :)
Hi Dick
Glad your safe and sound, and Huggy is happy , bet she will want lots of extra attention for awhile!give her a rub for me and I loved the pictures ,you look wonderful in your sporty car , all the pics are nice but I could not get over the pic of BIF , OMG he is a beauty and so big WOW! bet Huggy would like to meet him ha ha , thanks for the ride along you take care and HUGS for HUggy:)
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