Tuesday, April 04, 2006


What kind of chocolate are you?

Miss Cellania's blog today has a link to a test to determine what your chocolate personality is. It didn't list mochas so I figured the closest option was chocolate syrup. It is fun. Click on the link to her blog in my sidebar. Her subject today is sweets, yesterday's was underwear.

It started raining in Sacramento about two hours after I arrived Sunday & has rained most of the time since. The newspaper today predicts it will continue the next ten days. I don't know if it is expected to end then or if that is all the farther out they want to predict at this time. Maybe it will keep raining in California but be nice when I get to the soggy northwest. Maybe?

Yesterday we visited the California State Parks Railroad Museum here in town. It was great & I have photos but will have to wait until I get home to upload them. It is a very well done exhibit and well worth the time to go. It cost more to park the car in the lot across the street than it did to go into the museum!

Here is a photo for the day of my grand daughter K with a two week old alpaca. This was taken last Memorial Day weekend (in May) at an alpaca farm on the south side of Mt. Vernon, WA:
Kimmy and the Alpaca

Your granddaughter is beautiful, I know you are so proud of her.
Why is it grandparents enjoy the grandchildren so much more than
they did the children? I always enjoy teasing my mom about that.

Drive safe, you always share neat pictures with us and nice
stories. I can not wait till you can upload more pictures. :)
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I am all CHOCOLATE at least my rear is ha ha , You are positively MOCHA but if as you said it is not there , syrup it is , sweet,!!!
HEY HUGGY! I will check out the site thanks
be carefully out there
Hi Dick
I was at your pic site and it is wonderful , you are a true photographer , your shots are beuatiful, I like them all esp HUGGY , but the Dude with the little thongy thingy I LMAO , you live a charmed life indeed and meet some interesting people,What a sweet pic of your Grand D. she looks so happy , I bet your proud of her , hope your safe and sound scratch Huggy for me

sorry I have not been by much this week. Life has been hectic at our place.
That is a fabulous photo of your GD. Nicely composed. That looks like contest material.
There is a fantastic dinosaur museum in Alberta. We had planned on going last summer, but we ended up having our holiday cut short when my FIL was having health issues and my sis got hurt. Hopefully the kids will get to see it this summer, when keith takes them out to visit their cousins. I probably wont get holidays this year as I am just starting a new job.
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