Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Car is back home & now licensed in Washington State

I got a call today about 14:00 from the Mazda place saying my car was ready. I misunderstood him yesterday in that the problem wasn't with a computer type board but with some kind of a solenoid controlled valve that moves the car's camshafts to change valve timing. I guess the old one was sticking so the ignition timing would change as engine speed increased but the valve timing didn't change. I talked with the mechanic and he said he has never seen one stick this way so hopefully it won't happen again. Anyway, the total cost came to $610 including sales tax and a $22.50 charge for overnight shipping to get the part here today. I hope this will now be all it needs for quite awhile.

I also went to the Skagit County offices to license the Saturn for next year & take Annie's name off the title and I licensed the Miata in Wash. State. The motorhome has had our TALLYHO license plate but I transferred it to the Miata. I didn't have to pay any more sales tax as that I had paid in Arizona was a little more than what it would have been here. At least that saved me some money, but all this cost about $200. At least both cars are licensed for another year and will have the same renewal date. The new plates for the RV & Saturn are just two numbers apart - 887 and 889 so that should make them easier for me to remember. I needed a new plate for the Saturn as it had Annie's handicaped plate which is no longer needed.

Wow, amazing how expensive repairs to vehicles can be! My Subaru needed a head gasket, and they quoted me over $800.. I bought a new car, it was cheaper in the long run.
Good luck and God bless.
My eyes lit up at Saturn. We're just Saturn kind of people. Even if SUV's *do* hog gas, strangle Flipper, and deteriorate the ozone.
Sorry to hear about the cost you encountered so soon after the
purchase but maybe this is now like a new car and will take you
for many miles.

BTW...I have a new location you will see. So please visit me at
my new home.
Ouch!! Sorry it was so expensive, Dick. But now maybe she will be good to go for a long time. Hopefully, nothing will need to be repaired now for a good while. Hope you and Huggy are doing well. :-)
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