Monday, May 29, 2006


Go Karting, day two

K really seems to love go karting. Sunday we started at church, then Starbucks for a mocha & luke warm hot chocolates before going home for lunch. After that we went to the kart track but found they were full for about 2 & 1/2 hours, so off to Dairy Queen for Blizzard deserts, then to visit friends from church. K got to play with them a few hours while I visited with their parents. Then back to Kart Trak Indoor Racewaywhere we only had to wait about half an hour for a slot for her to drive in. She picked a different kart to drive today. Here she is about ready to start:
Kim karting 6

This is to prove that she also knows how to turn right:
Kim karting 7

And here is K going around her favorite turn. The course can be changed easily & is configured differently on different days, but Sat & Sun are the same:
Kim karting 8

Here is the happy driver after her second race:
Kim karting 9

The photos from Sunday were taken with my Nikon D70s camera while those on Saturday were with the little pocket size Sony. There is a quality difference.

This morning we are waiting for my son M & other grand daughter K who are driving up to go to Jungle Playland with us. We will have to leave by about 15:00 with the older K to get her home by 17:00 when I told her Mom I'd return her as she still has about four weeks of school left and tomorrow is a school day. It has been fun having her here over this holiday weekend!

Dick, it sounds as if you had just as much fun as your granddaughter, and I can tell you from personal experience, she will always remember this time you spent with her. Hope your Monday was as good as your weekend. Looking forward to the pics from Jungle Playland. :-)
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