Saturday, May 27, 2006


Go Karting - a first for K

My grand daughter, K, is here with me for the weekend. Today we visited KartTrak Indoor Raceway here in Mount Vernon where K had her first ever drive in a go-kart. It is an indoor track so they can run regardless what the outside weather is like. There are faster karts for those over 13 but since K is 9 she was in one of the slower ones - but it still goes pretty fast. She really loved it and wants to go back and do it again. Of course, it costs about $15 for ten minutes. Anyway, here are a series of photos of she on the course in her Batmobile kart. Here she is getting started:
Kim karting 1

She is getting the idea and taking a pretty good line around this turn:
Kim karting 2

Now she is really getting the idea of how to cut around the apex of the turn:
Kim karting 3

How is this for concentration:
Kim karting 4

After the race the proud driver poses with her racing kart:
Kim karting 5

She really did pretty good especially for her first time driving something like this. It only goes about 15 miles per hour but it will do that around the turns, too, which really takes some care to do as they are sharp turns. There were a couple of times where she hit the wall, but Danica did that sometimes while she was learning, too. I have a hunch that we will have to return to the track again over the weekend to give her another shot at this.

Ah, what cute pictures! I like the second one where she is leaning into the turn and she has great hand positions, not using the spokes. Hmmmm, is grandaddy teaching her to be a future bus driver? Send her my way!
Great pictures of a beautiful girl! Now, why weren't YOU racing?? LOL
How cute!!
Sounds like a good time was had by all. :-) A future Shirley Muldowney or Mario Andretti, perhaps? When she gets old enough will Grandpa let her drive his beloved Miata? ;-)
She looks so cute in her helmet. I know she just loved it. My girls love to ride them.

Btw, I posted some more pics on Flikr, FINALLY!! lol! They can only be viewed by friends, but I made you one so you shouldn't have any problem viewing them. I will try and update it more often.
What a cutie! A few more years and she will be actually on the road behind the wheels.

Survived the drive to Seattle. That drive home was one solid traffic jam!
Heeey, where's my post ... I posted yesterday ... has blogger eaten it ??
Anyway, just wanted to say that the photos are great. Go-Karting is so much fun, my Chicky and hubby love it. There are quite a few tracks around Melbourne, so they can go whenever they want. It isn't cheap, though, so they don't go that frequently !!
I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.
Take care, Meow
Great series here.
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