Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Go visit Schmoogle Wuggums & a Miata club meeting

I have been reading a blog by a young college student from the east coast and think she is a budding writer. Go check out Schmoogle Wuggums, read some of her posts and be sure to read her novels she is writing. They will be found in the sidebar under the heading, "Novels I'm Writing." There are two of them.

We are having another beautiful day weather wise here in the northwest. The sun is shining and we are expecting a high temp into the mid-60s. That is just about perfect and I hope it will last through Saturday when I go on my next road trip with Club Miata NW. I attended my first of their monthly meetings yesterday, at the Burgermaster drive-in in south Everett. This is one of those old fashioned drive-ins where the car hop comes to your site, takes your order & then brings it out to put on a tray that hangs on the window of your car. There are not many of these left but the Burgermaster chain of a few in the Seattle area is one that still exists. Next months meeting will be in Issaquah (we have some interesting town names in the NW) at the XXX Drive-In, another place in the old fashioned model. This first photo shows some of the twenty or so Miatas that attended the meeting:
Club Miata NW meeting

The meeting place is a drive-in so the "meeting" itself was held outside. The breeze was a bit cool but it was nice having the sunshine:
Club Miata NW meeting

Here is a low level view of some of the cars:
Club Miata NW meeting

Notice the numbers painted in each parking space? That of course is how the orders are identified with the proper car. With good weather there was a pretty good turn out of members plus two prospective members and a visiting couple from a Miata club in Sidney, Australia. I am looking forward to the Deception Pass Run on Saturday that my son, M, will be going on with me.

Oooh, pretty cars. This reminds me of the summer time. In my hometown, a burger joint called A&W would also have car shows, and for a special treat we'd get some rootbeer floats and take a look.
Thanks for the suggestions you left for me, I did go out and try, (Yeah, I said try) to take pics of the cardinals which are in abundance here, but they don't like to cooperate by sitting still. LOL
Thanks for the looksie, Dick. *wink*
Again, lovely photo's Dick!

We have Sonic-Drive Ins here. Same concept. They are VERY popular here, especially once the weather heats back up. All the car-hops are on roller skates, and I'm always amazed at how they can balance those trays! LOL
Sounds like a good time was had by all. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Dick. :-)
Sounds like perfect weather to me too Dick!

I used to be a car-hop back in the day!!
Hope your Deception Pass Run on Saturday goes well. Is the weather forecast looking good ??
Drive safely.
Take care, Meow
Thanks for all the nice comments. The weather report for tomorrow calls for possible showers early in the morning but our trip doesn't start until 11:30 so hopefully by then the sun will be back out and we can go topless.

Now to go get started doing some yard work. After that I'll reward myself with a LARGE mocha!
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