Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Grand Canyon

No, I am not there now but RV friends Padriac & Willie are and he has posted some really great photos on his blog, RV Escapade. There are photos of the Grand Canyon Railway, some of it's rolling stock including Thomas The Tank Engine, some from Williams, AZ, the town that bills itself as "The Gateway to the Grand Canyon" and some neat photos of the canyon itself. If you, like me, have not been there yet, go enjoy his photos. I also have a link to his site on my sidebar. Please leave him a comment and tell him Dick sent you.

Okay, Dick, I went to visit Padraic and Willie, and left them a comment. Their photos are gorgeous. Hope you enjoy your visit with your son and granddaughter. :-)
Just came from RV Escapade's site. I just couldn't help but comment on his site. They were really wonderful photos. Breathtakingly beautiful. I loved the trains and oh the lodge. It would be nice to taste a little of life before don't you think so?
Hi Dick
I will check out the site , I am sure if you say the photos are worth it , then they are ! I hope you and Huggy are both well and having a great visit with your Son , nice when family is around .
You sold your truck , good , I was going to ask but you answered before I could so now it is down to 4 cars , and one big RV. Must be nice . Rememeber to rub huggy for me and drive safe , whatever your driving LOL
Padriac does take nice photos and, since they are full time RVers, they are often in interesting places.

I am down to two cars, one moped and one RV, so it is a more manageable number of vehicles.
I am deathly afraid of heights!
I close my eyes driving over the Deception Pass Bridge! hehehehe just kidding.
I will drop over and visit your friend and let him know you sent me.
I love the Grand Canyon, it is a beautiful place so I know I will
enjoy the pictures. Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying
One day, I'd love to see the Grand Canyon with my own eyes instead of always in pictures! It looks so beautiful!
Hi Dick, thanks for mentioning about the archive problem on my postcard blog ... for some reason it was turned off. All fixed now. Thanks again. Have a great weekend. Take care, Meow
What great pics. Ohhh, I want to go now, lol! Thanks for sharing the link.
Thanks for visiting our BLOG site and the nice word on the pictures of Grand Canyon. We met Dick a couple years ago in our RV gathering in the Quartzsite desert.

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