Thursday, May 11, 2006


I am off to Spokane tomorrow morning

I plan to leave home about 08:30 tomorrow for a trip to Spokane, WA for the weekend. That should be late enough that I won't get to Everett before most of the rush hour traffic has cleared and to Bellevue about 09:30 which will be before it starts to get bad there. I'll be over the summit at Snoqualmie Pass an hour or so later, then stop for gas & lunch in Ellensburg or Moses Lake and probably to Spokane by 14:00. I will get a mocha for the road from here at home, then meet a long time friend over there at the mocha place at Hastings Bookstore for another one. My brother doesn't get home from work until about 16:30 so L & I will have time for some visiting and a mocha. Two in one day - sounds like a good day!

Here is a photo from the past. This is from the MG Car Club Tulip Rally and I think it is a Riley, an English car that is pretty rare especailly over here in the States. It is left hand drive so it would be an export model and the color is surprisingly close to that of my Miata. I am sure it was not built by Mazda, though!
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I will try to take some photos on this trip and some in Spokane. I have the camera packed to go. I am also taking my laptop but won't be able to do any posting with new photos until after I get back home on Monday. The weather report for this side of the mountains sounds like showers tomorrow morning, when I'll be going over the pass, but with improving weather over the weekend. I expect it will be nice in Eastern Washington as they don't have as much rain as we do here on the wet side of the mountains.

Coupeville doesn't get as much rain as you do by the foothills!
But shhhhh, don't tell anyone.
Have a safe trip. Are you driving the Miata? It sure is a pretty one.
Safe Travels.
I just found out we in Canada are in for a hot, dry summer..... I don't know about where you are though Dick. This means yet another very uncomfortable summer, and worst of all, drought condidtions!

Have a safe trip, can't wait to see your pictures Dick!
Those are lovely and beautiful cars. Wish could have one of them.
Have a fun, enjoyable and safe trip.
Safe journey, my friend!
I've always loved MGs, especially the MGA. Drive carefully on your trip Dick. See you in Spokane. TTFN
Hi Dick, just checking in on you. ;o)
That car is perty.

My Dad has been restoring a 55 buick special convertible...therefore it behooves the family to go to car shows and watch car auctions.
May your trip be filled with sun and God's love.
Hi Dick
I see you have had some adventures since I have been gone , lovely read , I am almost caught up . love the pics, as always they are great ! sorry to read you had car trouble , that always bites! but at least you are ok and nothing worse wrong . I will be back to catch up , Thank you for the sweet words on my blog , you have a safe ride and I will be in the back for the next adventure , rub Huggy for me , Hope she's ok and you too of course !!!!!!! LOL
Have a safe trip Dick, and have lots of fun. Looking forward to your next post.
Take care, Meow
Nice photo Dick - Keep up the good work with your blog.
Love the car Dick! Have a great trip. Sometimes I miss the NW - great place for travels.
Thanks for dropping by my Wordless Wednesday. I appreciate it a lot.
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