Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Jungle Playland

One of the churches in Mt. Vernon has a pre-school and built a large play area for the kids. It is inside, heated, well managed and available on the weekends to all kids. They charge $6.75 per child, half that for little ones and free for those who are not yet walking and the parents. Pizza, sandwiches, pop, juice, candy, cookies, etc. are available at prices that are not outrageous. It is a real neat thing to have and both of my grand daughters love the place. Yesterday son M & I took both of the girls, ages 9 & 5 1/2 there for a few hours before I had to take K home. Here are a few photos of the place & the kids.

This first one is one of the view points built into the tubes & walkways that you move around on. These are fairly high:
Jungle Playland 1

This next photo shows a bit more of the unit including part of two of the tube slides that curve. The girls tell me the best one is the black one that you can't see but goes in a straight run from almost ceiling level down to the floor:
Jungle Playland 2

In another room the Space Maze is located. It is a large inflated "house" with walls inside that create a maze for the kids to work their way around. Son M took my camera inside & took these photos. Here is the younger K:
Jungle Playland 3

And here is the older K:
Jungle Playland 4

Another slide is the three abrest one with the "waves" built into it. This is also a fast trip down. Older G-daughter K likes to come down it in unusual ways. Here is one of them:
Jungle Playland 5

There are different ways to climb up to the higher levels where most of the things are located. Here is son M & K starting up one of those. It almost looks like a cage which I guess goes well with the jungle theme:
Jungle Playland 6

There are walkways between the various places at the higher levels. Here are all three of mine looking down at me through the mesh which keeps anyone from falling off:
Jungle Playland 7

Jungle Playland is a real asset to have in my town. Kids up to the age of 12 or so seem to love it & it is a nice place for their parents, grandparents, etc. to spend time while the kids are playing. There are tables & chairs located where you can keep an eye on the play area & the kids know you are close.

After we left Jungle Playland we all four went to Starbucks for mochas for we older ones & hot chocolates for the kids. Then K & I headed south to take her home as she has school today. It was great having her with me for what actually was a little over four full days and I think she enjoyed the trip, too. We didn't get to the Alpaca Farm as the weather wasn't very good and of course we were without Grandma Ann this year, but otherwise it was a great weekend. Thank you, K!

That place is awesome! I need one of those in my backyard.

To answer your question about the song on my blog...I dunno if the other songs on the album are just like it. I haven't gotten my CD in the mail yet!
I can tell you had as much fun watching the kids as they did. Loved seeing the pictures of the playland and also the go-cart. She looks so happy. I can see you are both a good Father and a good grandfather. All three of them look so happy.
I understand your missing the days with your Annie as I lost my Walt on July 19th, 2002. Time helps ease the pain, but the lonesomeness for them lingers on. While you have your cat huggy, I have my border collie Sassy. Our animals sure give us a reason to get up in the mornings, don`t they?
I enjoyed reading your posts.
Great pics, looks like loads of fun for the kids!
Looks like FUN!
MAN that looks like fun!!! They are lucky to have a gramps like you.
Glad you had a good day, Dick. Your grandkids will always remember the time you spend with them. ;-)

Pet Huggy for me. :-)
I would have loved something like that to play in when I was a kid!
Hey Dick ... are you following me ??? Just kidding !!! Isn't Balder's cat-blog cute ?!? Hope you are well, and snuggling up with Huggy.
Jungle Playland looks like fun ... did you go down the slide, too ??
Take care, Meow
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