Thursday, May 18, 2006


Mother's Day in Spokane

My trip last weekend to Spokane was good. There were showers on this side of the mountains Friday on & off up to the summit of Snoqualmie Pass and there actually was snow falling up there but the temp was 36F so it did not stick. When I cleared the summit and dropped down into the valley toward Ellensburg it was sunny and nice and that held all the way to Spokane. By Saturday the weather was great so I took the top down on the car. I did get to spend a few house with cousin B on Sat at his home north of town and it was a good visit.

On Mother's Day we took my brother's wife, S, to a bakery/mocha place in the morning and all three of their sons went along, with their grand kids and the younger son's girl friend. I took the following photo of grand daughter B at the bakery. She is 3 1/2 and as cute as can be:
Mothers Day 1

After that we all went for a walk through the "woods" near the bakery where I took a photo of a wild sunflower. One of Annie's favorite flowers was the sunflower. These are not as large as the garden variety but are bright and beautiful in their own way. This one has been worked on a bit with Photoshop:
Mothers Day 2

Western Washington State has mostly fir and spruce evergreens, along with cedars. In Eastern WA the predominant evergreen is the Ponderosa Pine with it's long needles. I took the following photo of those needles:
Mothers Day 3

Our Mother's Day dinner was at Applebees. I wanted to go to the Outback Steakhouse, where Annie & I liked to go and did go last Mother's Day, but we had steaks Sat night cooked on L's BBQ and it seemed not a good idea to have them two days in a row.

In looking over my photos from the trip I find that most of them are just family snapshot types, so I really don't have many to post. I enjoyed my mini-vacation. L leaves for work about 06:20 so that was the time I headed out for home on Monday and It was a good time to go. He is a short timer now with less than seven weeks until he retires at the end of June. The temp Monday was to get to 90F in Spokane with highs of around 100 in the desert areas between there and the mountains. I was home before noon so missed all those high temps. I did drive all the way home with the top down and I do have a slight sunburn on my legs, from the bottom of my shorts to my knees, probably mostly from that trip. But, it was fun.

Sounds like you had a good visit, Dick, and the photos are great, too. I'll bet it was strange to go from rain, to snow, to almost 90 degrees in just a few hours time. :-)

And my Daddy died in Dec. of 2004, and Mama died last April, so we've been through a lot of "firsts" without her and my Dad, too. Sometimes it's really hard, but you have to move on. I sure wish they could have seen Jessica graduate tonight, but hopefully they do see her from where they are, just as Annie is watching over you and your family.
What a cute little one you shared with us Dick. I always love to see
just what you will be sharing and am never disappointed. Sunflowers
happens to be one of my favorites as well I love the way they follow the
sun, so graceful they are.

I hope I now have the problem fixed so you can comment at my place from
now on. Hope you have a nice weekend. :)
I wrote a comment and clicked post but it went buhbye. I don't know if you got it or not!

I'm loving this heat. I love summer.
Annie's favourite flower is also mine Dick, as you no doubt already know.... you must miss her terribly. I'm glad you had a good trip and made it home safe and sound!
Nice to hear about some of our old stomping grounds! We live on the east coast now...but lived 15 long awful years in the desert of Wa. (Richland to be exact)...have not missed that heat a day since either!! It is hot here but now that we are used to it, with the humidity, seems not so bad.
Hi Dick
She sure is a sweetie , and your pics are great , Nice you took pics of Annies Fav flower on Mother's day,,, sweet . Sounds like you having a blast and sun burn , we are freezing still over here , cannot wait til we can even sit outside for a bit , love the post , hope your having fun finding mochas , rub Huggy's belly for me , take care,drive safe and where are we going next ????? LOL
Your granddaughter is as cute as a button!!

Love the sunflowers!!
Diane, the trip was an example of changing weather. Of course I went from sea level here, to a bit over 3000' at Snoqualmie Pass and into the deserts of Eastern Washington.

Ms Vicki, B is a cutie and fun to be around. She is my brother's grand daughter. I seem to be able to comment on your new blog but have to remember to log on first.

Becky, I have often wondered what happened when I clicked on send. Then I worry that I'll end up with two of them when I re-do it! I too like summer and warm weather. That is why I like to go south in the winter as a Snowbird. But when it gets into the 90s it is over what I really like.

Jude, Annie's favorites were sunflowers and roses. And I sure wish she were still here with me in person. The trip was good.

Elizabeth, thank you for your visit. I like the Tri-cities in the spring & fall but come July it definately too hot for me down there. I grew up in E Wash. but have lived west of the mountains so long that I am not used to that much heat. Or cold in the winter.

Greeneyes, thanks for your compliments on the photos. I do enjoy taking them & have been having fun playing with Photoshop. Your good weather should come before too long. I guess that is one of the penalties for getting to live close to the water! Huggy is enjoying being outside more, too.

Deni, I agree with you about B, but she is my brother's GD. I am not sure what that makes me, maybe a Grand Uncle? Sunflowers are great flowers, be they the wild variety like these or the garden type that grow so large.
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