Friday, May 19, 2006


A taste of the summer to come

We have had a taste of summer this past week in the Northwest. I didn't get back until Monday but from then through yesterday we were having daily temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. It makes me think it won't be too long until we can again do things like this photo, with my son B on a water slide at Clear Lake Park last August:

Today the clouds came back and there has been some rain with high temps only in the 60s. But, we did get a taste of what the weather forecast says will be a warm, dry summer. I did get my lawn mowed this morning before the showers started.

It was record highs this week. Wasnt it great. Roll on summer.
Ill be in Seattle next week. My mom, and sister Carol are driving down to visit our cousins. Should be fun. Girls Get-together!
Seems like you're having a great fun. BTW, received your postcards. It was amazing seeing all the tulips. Will be posting it together with other postcards later. My son who left for Spain last week brought the digital with him. So maybe by next week.
We've been in a rain shortfall for the last two months; this week, it has been trying to make up for it, much to the detriment of the wash I hang out and my lawn. Plus, in the 60's!
Looks like you all been having a good time.
Welcome back, Dick!
I was just in Costco today, and boy, it is getting worse and worse getting through that area!
Where is everyone coming from???
Our temps have been nice here. About 5 degress lower than normal for this time of year, and we'll take it. I was reading Jude's blog and it was amazing how warm it is that far north when we are getting mild temps here. Go figure. I am hoping for a mild summer. It can get pretty darn humid here.
I hope you have more beautiful weather to enjoy. I love the summer!
Yes, a hot dry summer is predicted here too, which is really bad news. The forest fires have already started too..... bleh!

Have a good week Dick!
We've been having some hot weather here in Arkansas. It's 81 degrees as I type this at almost 6 pm. The next few days it's supposed to hit the low 90's, so swimming will definitely be an option for those with access to a pool or lake. I don't have a pool, wish I did. I love to swim and play in the water. Hope you're still enjoying nice summery weather. :-)

Thanks for adding a link to my blog. I appreciate it. To me, that is a compliment. :-)
Mmmm, the lovely summer days ... I already miss them, even though it's only been a short while. We are experiencing some frost already, although that's about as bad as it gets here for winter ... no snow.
Enjoy the lovely weather that is on its way.
Take care, Meow
I know summer is coming but we sure have been having a lot of rain today. Days like this are perfect to curl up with a good book and a mocha & our Starbucks has comfortable chairs! At least the forecast sounds better for the holiday weekend coming up, and I will have my older grand daughter, K, here from Thursday evening until sometime on Monday when I'll take her home. We always have fun when she is here & her Dad will also be with us Thu & Fri nights.
I know you're looking forward to K and your son's visit with you. And I would so love the visit to Starbucks with a good book and a mocha, that's my idea of a good time, now!! I'm a cheap date, really I am, LOL. :-)

Hope y'all have a grand time, Dick. :-)
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