Monday, May 22, 2006


Word verification is on

I hated to do it but I am tired of the attempts to put advertising for special interest blogs into the comments on my blog, so I have turned Word Verification on. If you are not familiar with it, you will need to key into the block the letters that are graphically shown above the little window, then click to submit it. I found I had probably twenty or more of this kind of comments, most of them added to posts from the past, some clear back into January! Why would someone want to put something like that into an old post? And most of them had been entered since late April with most in the last week. Not many people read the archives, although I guess the web crawlers do find them and might direct people searching on certain words to those comments in my blog. I think I got them all removed but am a bit pissed off about the situation.

What is meant by allowing comments from "Only Registered Users" in the Comments Setup section? I would like to eliminate all posts by "Anonomous" so people could only use Blogger or Other, where they at least need to enter their name. Would turning that feature in Blogger on do that? Also what are Backlinks? I am hoping some of you who read my blog & have been doing this longer than I have or were more into exploring the system can answer these questions, either as a comment here or to me via email at dick dot phillips at verizon dot net. Why do spammers and people of that ilk have to mess up a good thing for others?

I did sell my 1996 Nissan pickup truck today. Of course I didn't get as much for it as I wanted to but I am satisfied. I will no longer be spending $34.50 per month on insurance for it and it will have to be relicensed July 7th, now by someone else. I am now down to only four vehicles. Here is a photo of the truck that I listed on and found my buyer through Craigslist:

Son B is here tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks as he was off boating with the Navy. It's good to have him around again.

I'm happy you sold your truck. Too bad you don't live closer, my son is turning 16 next year and has been saving his $ to buy a vehicle. I took your lead and listed the mobile home on craigslist...
Enjoy your time with your son.
You might want to consider HALOSCAN for the comments; it seems to eliminate most of the spammers.

Good luck!
Only Registered users blocks everyone except for those registered with Blogger, so people with blogs in say typepad can't even comment.

The word verification thing does work well to prevent spammers, I haven't had any since I turned it on.

BTW, I finally uploaded new pics to flickr. :)
Wow, nice truck! Down to 4 vehicles? Poor boy! LOL I hope you have a nice visit with your son...nothing like having your children come back home to the roost. Ahhh...I think I'll give my son a call. I don't blame you about the word verification thingee...I've got one up on all my blogs and haven't had any problems since.
Four cars ... oh my !!
By allowing comments from "Only Registered Users" you eliminate the Anonymous posters ... that is what I have set. No idea what Backlinks are ??? I've just turned my Word Verification off for the time being ... wonder how long before i get more spam ???
Have a great day. Take care, Meow
i think using the verification code is better because then you get comments from those who don't belong to blogger and don't want to join but it will keep out the spammers. I haven't used it because I have a friend who can't post fast enough on her old puter to get the letters. What I do now is just when I get notified someone spammed me, I delete it. But it's a lot of work to find them as you said they are back there somewhere and not easy to find where. I never mind those who have letter verification although a couple of times with one where it comes in a second stage, I forgot and lost my post and had to rewrite it!
A friend who is pretty knowledgable with computers sent me an email with this reason included for spammers commenting on blogs. I guess they think they are safer if they do it in old posts as the blog owner is less likely to see & delete them. I have the option with Blogger turned on that sends comments to me via email. If I can't find them in a recent post I know to start looking through the archives. I just didn't realize how many of them I had. Here is what B said:

Why they put the links into your comments is to increase their "link count" so they will have a higher page rank with Google and other search engines. A higher page rank moves them up in the search order so when you do a search they are more likely to get a hit. You are not the first to have to turn verification on for the same reason. If they put ads on their web pages they have more chances of making sales if their page rank is higher.

I don't think I want to turn on Only Registered Users as I do have readers who are not on Blogger & I want them to be able to comment. I'll see how this works with Word Verification on for awhile. By the way, even I have to go through that on my own blog to post a comment like this one!
I knew you would do it eventually since everyone usually does. I use haloscan as well. It's pretty easy and no words to type in.
Also, that's how Jude and I comment you back in the same box you comment us in.
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I wish I would've known about the truck, I might've bought it from you. I should probably get a car since I'm back in the States now.
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