Saturday, June 24, 2006


Club Miata NW Tech Day

Today was the tech day for Club Miata NW at K B's house. He has a great garage, one any of us would love to have. There were 13 cars that showed up to have a variety of things done. The weather was perfect, sunny and the high temp got up to about 80. By late afternoon when the temperature was at it's highest, probably J H had the best job, washing & waxing cars in the shade. Here is a photo showing 8 of the 13 cars grouped together:
Miata Club Tech day 01

I understand that this isn't a very common color for Miatas but there were 4 of them together here today. Here are 3 in a row:
Miata Club Tech day 02

Some things were fairly simple, like mounting the front license plate on my car and putting mud flaps on all four corners of this one (Meow, see the license plate!):
Miata Club Tech day 03

One of the two stock horns on this red car had stopped working, leaving it with a kind of weak sounding "toot." These air horns, with the small compressor to drive them, make a much bolder sound:
Miata Club Tech day 04

Two cars were getting new brakes. This one just needed new pads on all four wheels & now has a set of them that are more efficient than the stock pads:
Miata Club Tech day 05

This one, the 4th of those blue ones, was getting all new brakes on all four corners. That included rotors, calipers & pads:
Miata Club Tech day 06

Here is J H at work washing this car before waxing. As I said, he probably had the best job since he was in the shade all day AND had the water hose:
Miata Club Tech day 07

J did recruit some help. Here are two of the ladies who decided they wanted to learn the process & perhaps stay a little cooler, too:
Miata Club Tech day 08

Mazda did finally build a factory hot rod out of the Miata and they called it MazdaSpeed. It is factory turbo charged and quite a bit faster than the standard car. This is the first one of them I ever saw - here is the engine:
Miata Club Tech day 09

A post about Miatas on my blog wouldn't be complete for me without a photo of my car. Here is the rear license plate and it now has an identical one (I think it works better that way) on the front. Arizona, where the car came from, doesn't have them on the front and I think the car looks a lot better without it. But, I guess there is a $101 fine in Washington State for not displaying it on the front of the car. My car now has the front plate, too. I originally got this plate number when I had a British MG but it still fits in the spirit of the Miata:
Miata Club Tech day 10

It was a good day. I got a couple of things done on my car that needed to be done & learned more about doing some other things to them. Some of the work isn't hard, you just have to be willing to jump in and get started. Of course, having people around who know what they are doing does help!


Dick, I did notice the "MEOWW" license plate before I noticed your reference to it. :-)

It looks like you had a perfect day for your tech day. Great photos, and looks like everyone had a good time.

Hope everything is going well for you and Huggy. ;-)
Well alright Dick!!

Great post but then that should be an expected comment from me….given the subject. Some guys get to have “all” the fun!

Really have some nice photos. Look like I could just step right into them. I have never heard of ‘tech day’ but that is really a great idea. Wish the MG and Austin Healey guys had thought of that back in the sixties. Looks to be quite a bit more under the hood these days too.

Again….thanks for a great show and tell.
TALLYHO….for now!
Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Dick. I've never heard of tech day, either...just what exactly is that? The pictures were absolutely beautiful and so clear. I need to dig out my digital and take some pictures...haven't done that in awhile. You take care, my friend. ;o)
Glad you had a great day socialize with your Miata buddies.
Cute licence plate, I am still trying to decide what I want on mine.
Great pics, as usual. I hate states that make you put plates on the front and back. I like having my Union Jack flag on the front of my car. I wouldn't like it if I had to take it off.

Love the personalized tag, btw.

Great photos, as usual, Dick. You sure do have a knack for a good picture !! Love the MEOWW numberplate, but yours is brilliant, too. Glad you had a great day. Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful week, take care, Meow
Miatas are neat little cars.
Are they fun to drive?

Oh, to be retired!
Tallyho, how cute.
I like the color of your car the best! Boy, what weather for a car show, huh?
The weather up here has been beautiful although perhaps a little too hot. It's cooling a bit now with high temps around 80F expected the next week & a half.

Tech day is where you can do some work on your car. Some of the people there are experienced at mechanical things & there is usually a good selection of tools, etc.

I didn't want to put the front license plate on because I think the lines of the car are much cleaner at the front without it. My son who is a cop does like them & there is a fine of $101 if you are ticketed for not having one. I had it but it wasn't on the car. I originally had the TALLYHO on one of my British MGs but liked it so kept it when the MG went to a collector car plate. It still fits in spirit on the Miata.

The car is a lot of fun to drive. They are not real fast as far as top speed with a top speed in the 120s stock, but they go around turns very well. A couple of the guys who were there Sat race Miatas regularly so were talking about it.
Hey Dick, you're still traveling, aren't you? Where is your next trip?
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