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Example of edited photo

I don't know how many of you have tried using your digital photo editing software to tweak your photos before uploading them to your blog. I didn't do much at first but now find myself making at least some small changes in each of them before uploading to Flickr & then into my blog. I decided to show an example of the difference it can make in a photo. On Dec. 24, 2005 I uploaded a photo of Annie & I that was taken in January, 2005 while we were in the desert at Quartzsite, AZ, with the Boomers chapter of Escapees RV Club. It is a photo taken by a Boomer friend to include in their online photo directory of members. The original photo size was 800 by 600 pixels which will make a pretty good 4x6 photo and an acceptable 5x7. The photo isn't too bad but I felt it was a little too light, especially Annie's skin tone. I will insert that original photo here, followed by the edited version:
Ann_Dick_Phillips at QRang


I use Photoshop Elements version 4. The main changes I made to the photo were to adjust its contrast and lightness, darkening the photo overall. I also burned in Annie's face a little which darkens it in relation to everything else in the photo. I saved the photo under the same name but with "edited" added to the file name so it would save as a seperate file, and saved it as a .tiff file in my album so it would loose no data when saved. The image uploaded to Flickr is a .jpg file as it will not have any more editing done on it and since .jpg files are smaller they upload/download faster than .tiff files do.

Do you notice a difference between them? This type of thing is easy and fun to do. The main thing to remember is to work on a copy of the original file and save it as a copy so you always have the original. As long as you are working on a copy you can do no worse than deleting that copy and going back to the original to experiment some more. Go ahead and try it.

As to the online dating thing. It is now over a week since I responded to the two on Craigslist and I have heard nothing from either of them. I guess I would get a better response if I went to one of the dating services where that is about all they do, but so far my experience with it has been pretty poor.


Yes I see the difference in the two photos Dick, good work!
Hi Dick -- I found my way over here from Jude's blog.

Like you, I use Adobe Photoshop - both the regular version and Elements (though similar, they do accomplish different things. :) )

Something you'll want to keep in mind when you are "fixing" photos for posting ~ few computers "see" photos in the same contrast.

While you say your first shot is light, it doesn't appear that way with the screen contrast my computer has.

Screen contrast has been my biggest issue. I keep two websites going and some people tell me my photos are too light. Some say too dark and some say just right. *sigh*

I've found that there is no standard in screen contrast and few people actually see my photos the same as I do.

I've gotten to the point that I make them look good on my screen and just let everyone else adjust their screens. *grin*

BTW -- I enjoyed looking at your photos. And good luck with the online dating. :)
I found the editing thing with HP Director. It came with my HP printer. I like the Sharpen feature on it. But then maybe I should get stronger glasses! HAHA
Hi Dick, I see a difference in the photos. Its fun to experiment with the software editing. Just always make sure to save an original. I love that photo of Annie and yourself, you both looked so happy.
I always manipulate my photo's. Contrast adjustments are a must! I use Paint Shop Pro 8, and love it!
yes, i see the difference and I also play with photos to enhance them, crop them, sharpen or whatever is needed to make the photo match what I saw. Sometimes I change them from what I saw to what I felt about the area where I was. I have 3 photo programs and use Corel Photo-paint for simple adjustments but if I want something more complex, I go for microsoft or adobe. Today, with all the computer tools available, anyone can take the kind of photos that only a pro used to get with darkroom techniques.

Good luck on the internet meetings. Have you thought of looking for internet clubs that are interested in what you are. Yahoo has some of those and you never know, might meet someone through one of those too. A lot of places let you put up your profile for free but to connect with anyone, it takes paying. Although a few let you respond if they write first.

btw I like the picture with the mustache but then I have a thing about mustaches-- on men that is :)
The doctored photo looks great. Good job sir!
Your Annie looks like a great woman, and the two of you a wonderful couple.
Great job sir and the love is seen in the eyes of
you two.
They say that men that have had a happy marriage are the quickest to remarry when they are widowed. I say go only shows how much you valued your wife.

I love my adobe! I've been just a playing with it. It takes some getting used to as it's different from the adobe photo editing software I used to use. That's OK.

I bought my husband a rather large digital camera for father's day. The adobe is going to be getting a lot of use I think.
What a wonderful photo of you and Annie. The tweak with the skin tone did the job, for sure ... the second photo looks much better.
I guess I'm a little lazy, I don't tweak my photos much (although I did blank out a car number plate in my current post). It is fun to try and do stuff with them though.
Hope it starts to happen with the dating thing, soon, Dick. It will happen when it happens, I guess.
Take care, have a great week, Meow
I wouldn't have noticed the differences if you hadn't pointed them out.. but the second (edited) photo does look clearer.

Don't give up on dating just yet. It took me two years to get a date, and even longer to get a successful one (which hasn't happened yet). Its not easy to make yourself jump into the pool, but you never know when lightening may strike.
Whoa did I see a difference or what? It was also really nice to see a picture of Annie...she is beautiful! Hey, when I need a picture made "clearer" like that, can I come to you???? Oh and it was really nice seeing what Arizona looked like. Have you ever been to Sedona? I saw something on the travel channel the other day about this place and I'd really really love to go. One day maybe!
Hello Dick, I use Photoshop or Elements too as my photo editor when I need editing power. But most of my 6000+ a year photos are edit by Picasa ( It is free from Google.
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