Monday, June 19, 2006


The movie & Father's Day

I did go to the drive-in theater Saturday night to see the movie, "Cars," with the Miata club. It was a short notice event, just setup from the week before, so there were only three cars of us there but it was fun. The negative is that since we are so far north of the equator the sun doesn't set until after 21:00 this time of the year so the film didn't start until about 22:00. It was good and is well worth seing and is a good one for kids or grandkids. There was a second film, some new X-Men film, but it wouldn't have STARTED until after midnight and ended at 02:30 or so, with me still having a 40 minute drive home, so I left about midnight after just the first show.

Sunday I went to church, then Starbucks for my mocha. While there son M & family called to say they were on their way up. They met me there, then we came back to my house to BBQ hamburgers & eat them on the deck. The weather was great & a good time was had, plus good food. They left about 15:30 so J could meet her Dad & take him out for pie & coffee.

After that I checked email & blogs, read the Sunday paper, visited with my neighbors & just generally relaxed until about 19:00 when I headed out for Outback Steakhouse for my Father's Day dinner. Last year Annie & I were in Spokane at Yogi Bear campground on Father's Day & we went to dinner at the Longhorn BBQ, one of my favorite places. When home we have always enjoyed Outback, so I went there. I didn't order a Blooming Onion as one person can not eat a whole one, but I had a good steak. And, my waitress was a neat young lady named Annie! So I guess that in a way you could say I had dinner with Annie again this year. It was a good day, about as good as I could hope for considering who is missing this year.

Sounds like you had a great Father's Day Dick!
Dick What a lovely post. The way you so often have Annie with you, the way you still find her by your side, touches me very deeply. You seem so happy. Getting so much enjoyment out of life, perhaps that is because you still feel as though you are sharing your life with her.
Happy Fathers Day!
Dick, life goes on, but it's just not the same without our loved ones who've gone on. We learn to go on and sometimes even make new relationships, but we never forget them. But life can still be good after they're gone and we make new memories without them. Glad you had a pretty good day on Father's Day, considering it was the first one without your Annie. But maybe God was giving you a sign with the other Annie that served you, that it's time to move on into the next part of your life. Just a thought, friend. :-)
It was good that you spent your Father's Day watching a movie, Starbucks and had bbq hamburgers. That seemed to be fun.
Glad you were able to be with family!! And that even eating out was of some consolation to you! It is hard when you loose someone you have loved so much!
Sounds like you had a nice father's day with your family.

Hope you have a great week.
Every first holiday has to be a hard one. You might try with the blooming onion what we do. Even my husband and I don't eat a whole one. Nor do we each eat the whole 12oz steak that we order. We split it all and take home to heat up the next day-- the steak in a stirfry. The blooming onion reheats best in the oven-- microwaving it makes it a mess.
Awww...Dick, don't you just love it when that happens? It's a sign, my friend. Do you think it's a coincidence her name was Annie? I have every reason to believe it was the real Annie saying hello! I just love it when that happens!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, too. I am trying to get back into the story and I hope it's not sounding lame. I want to remember but being as it was so long ago, it's hard. I do need to get up with that aunt!
Oh, but I love that place.

Sounds like you had fun.
your post , on the bottom was so touching I teared up, it is hard when you miss someone you love , but I agree with Dorothy , it was a sign her name was Annie, Life is a wonderful thing , a path we go on and get to share with people we love , we never know do we how long we have them in our lives , we must carry on with life but carry them in our hearts always .Thank you for sharing :}cuddles for Huggy
I'm glad you had a nice day. We don't have drive-ins here any more but I went as a teenager. To bad they don't bring them back everywhere.
I love the bloomin onions!! I ate one all by myself once and made myself sick!!
I won't go there again by myself.
I'm glad your Father's Day was a good one. You are Blessed.
I drove the new to be Everett route today and did it in 48 minutes. I had it planned for 50 minutes. We have another meeting Monday with Skat and will finalize the schedule and get it in the papers. I will probably be out there riding the buses on the first day!
Glad you had a decent Father's Day. Seems like someone shold have expected the car club to watch Cars together. Have you ever fallen asleep at one of those late drive-in movies? I have. Lucky the drive-in owner knows my folks, so he'd wake me up. He said sometimes he lets people sleep so he can laugh at them in the morning.

About holidays alone... someone told me "this is the last time you'll have to do this for the first time." Once I figured out what she meant, it helped.
I've never been to a drive in theater.
Talking about Spokane. I grew up in the Spokane Valley the first 14 years of my life I lived opportunity area then we moved out to Otis Orchard for 4 or 5 years. I went to East Valley High School.
What a lovely post. It is just beautiful to hear you talk about your Annie ... I know she is always with you, in your heart.
I love going to the drive-ins ... we only have a few now, there used to be one in just about every suburb. I haven't been this year yet ... it's always nicer in summer.
Have a great weekend.
Take care, meow
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