Saturday, June 03, 2006


Something new for me today

Today I went online to Craig's List and looked into the Personals. There is a section called something like "Women looking for men." You can enter an age range so I entered 55 - 64 as most of those I saw at first seemed to be in their 20s and that sure wouldn't fit me. Thirteen popped up on the list, these all from the Seattle area Craig's List. Two were from places not too far from me, so I took a chance and sent an email note to each of them. It goes to an annonomus address on their system so I have no idea who they are at this point. Won't know unless they choose to respond.

I don't know if anything will come from this, maybe they won't even like the photo of me that I included so won't bother to answer. I have wondered if I am too soon after loosing my Annie, but it is now getting close to a year. I loved being married and was lucky enough to have found a perfect mate for me. But, I am not too old and really would love to have that magic relationship that we shared back. I am hoping there will be someone out there that fits well with me. I don't think I want to go south alone again next winter. More later as whatever (if anything) unfolds.

The nervous newby on the online dating circuit.....

Good luck with it, dear. And always, always, always meet in a public setting, and try for lunch instead of dinner. Less formal, more relaxed. And do not let them know your home address!! You just never know, ya know?

Ooooo I'll live vicariously through your dating. Can't wait to read the stories! ;)
Do be VERY careful. My fil, after my husband's mom died, remarried and quickly. He did not even wait so long as you have. This lady was one we had all known in past years but had moved away with her husband. He spent all of 3 days with her prior to the wedding. She forgot to tell him she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's. He forgot to tell her that his prostrate cancer had made him impotent. It was NOT a happy union and for 5 long years both were in misery until she too died. At least get to know someone very well by living where you can see each other daily for awhile prior to marriage. Dr. Laura always said to be in the same town and seeing daily for 18 months prior to marriage. She said, "So what if you are 95 and have not much time left, do you want to live in hell the rest of your life?" I think my fil would concur with that. He is content to be alone now. Just be careful and hopefully you find a good one.
Oooh, Dick, I am so happy for you. Good on you for giving it a go. Hope it goes well for you. But please be careful, as those who commented before me have said. There is a lovely lady out there for you to share some fun with. You are a wonderful person who deserves some companionship. Good luck, and keep us posted.
Take care, Meow
You have more guts than I do!
I know alot of people that have met their match online and are very happily married. Don't just jump at the first one. Easy does it and date a few. Before you get real serious, take her to your Church. See if she really fits in with what you like. Also, see what kind of potluck dish she brings!
Good advice from the other commenters. Just be carefull. There are alot of women out there just looking for an established single man. Just go slow. And good luck. Im sure Annie, would approve, she wouldnt want you to spend the rest of your life lonely.
I think you're wonderfully brave and wish you all the luck in the world. Just make sure you have a sense of humor through it all and you'll have lots of fun I'm sure. Crossing my fingers for you...
Thank you all for the good wishes and advice, but it may all be for naught. So far I haven't heard anything from either of the two I responded to, now about three days after I responded on Sat. Maybe they got so many contacts that they are being real picky or just ignoring some of those who did respond. If it isn't supposed to happen I guess it won't happen!
good luck with meeting new women, Dick and some of them may not be checking their mail that often. I have heard of people meeting off Craigs list. There are a lot of nice places where people can spend some time emailing and getting to know more about the other person before you actually meet. Definitely don't loan money or pay airfare anywhere. Some men and women have lost out that way by users but that can happen anywhere, not just from online meetings
I'm sure you will hear from someone sooner or later... who knows how long the system takes, anyway. Best of luck to you. I understand that loneliness. Its been almost two years for me and my lovelife is still in the toilet.

Have you been to my NEW site yet? Its at
As everyone has said Dick, best of luck to you, and just take it slow and careful. As for wondering if it's "too soon", only your heart will know that for sure. You just do whatever feels right for you.

I know there is a lady out there somewhere who is just for you. God bless!
wow! Dick.... sound exciting go for it.
Dick- In the short time I have been reading you, I have seen a very caring and loving person so please my friend
be careful, you know in your heart if the time is right. I am certain your Annie wants happiness for you. I view
a desire to reunite and find another companion and as tribute to a previous partner when it has been a marriage
of love full of happiness as yours seems to have been.

You will find one it may take time but please be careful. I know of may who have made mistakes in the online dating
but I also know many who have found love and are very happy. You are very intelligent and I know you will make the
right choices.
Hello Dick
well good luck on your adventures, only you know if you are ready and by taking this step , you are , go slow,,,, you a Dapper, self suffient,caring ,sweet ,intelligent man ,whats not to like and you like cats ,,,BONUS ! You seem to have a wonderful personality and are filled with life , it would be a shame to not share it , even with a friend ,if thats what turns out . I wish you the best of luck and remember kitty cats are a good judge of character, LOL .waiting to hear . take care , but have fun
RUBS for Huggy
I haven't had much ating experience, so I can't really give you advice, but it seems as if you already got excellent advice from everyone else.

But I do wish the best for you in your new adventures and pray that your new mate, whoever she is, will be just as wonderful as you.
Good luck in your search for a nice lady friend. My husband and I met on line in a chat room so don't give up
Hi Dick, just popping in to see how you're doing! Hope you have a great weekend! :)
I just came across this blogsite tonight while blog surfing...this lady lost her husband back in 2004 and they had been full time rvers too. She has decided to go back on the road again, alone. So who knows...I imagine you would enjoy at least reading her blog:
Awww...Dick, if ever you want to drop me a line and chat, please do it. I've seen some horror stories coming from online dating sites. You have to be very very cautious. Your days with Annie were very special and I think that what you are doing is trying to fill that void and that is really understandable. I know what you're going through and it's a really sad time. But, look, online dating sites...remember, you can find dates, but soul's very rare, but I don't want to discourage you. I'm thinking, now this is a hunch, that the key to finding your next soul mate lies in you. Perpaps there's someone already in your life that you wouldn't have thought would have interest, but it's there. Or, perhaps, there is your next soul mate waiting for you and just haven't been given the opportunity. YOu don know that I talk a lot about the soul mate relationship and one thing is for sure, Annie is a very special soul mate and there's no one that is going to replace her...I'm sure you know that more than me...but I also know that it's a human characteristic to want someone around there with whom they share common bonds, so it's really a good step in the right direction that you are doing this. But, be careful, that's all I have to say. But test the waters. Who knows what you might find? Please keep us informed....daily bloggings will be great! Hugs, Dorothy
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