Thursday, June 15, 2006


Summer in the northwest

According to the calendar summer is almost here, less than a week away. But we are still having cool, wet weather here along Puget Sound in Washington State. I know that "summer" usually doesn't arrive here until after the 4th of July but I can hope and we did have that week of 80 degree days during the first half of May. I guess I really can't complain as the weather isn't too uncomfortable with daily high temps around 68 to 70 but, with the rain, the darn lawn grows too fast, as do the weeds!

The Miata club has decided to go on a short notice outing this Saturday night and I think I will be able to go. We will meet in Everett, about 30 miles south of me, for dinner at the Dairy Queen, then head for a drive-in theater as a group to see the new annimated film, "Cars." The weather forecast isn't sounding too bad so there is hope that we can enjoy the film with the car tops down. I have pulled a photo from the MG Car Club rally of my car, parked at the casino at the end of the event. Here is my car, complete with it's number 80 from the event still in the windshield:
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Hi Dick,

Wandered over here from "Rainy Day Thoughts" where I read your latest comments.

First of all, that is a nice looking car. I was a huge 'sports car' enthusiast as well as owner back in the 1960's. Between 1961 and 1969 I owned an MG Midget, then an MG-B, then a MGB GT, and finally I purchased a used XK-150 Jaquar in 1969. Would give anything to still own one or more of them. I was a big MG fan but was a little disappointed in the MGB-GT. Guess it wasn't long after that when British Motors seem to go a bit downhill.

Anyway - new to your blog but hope you keep updating us from time to time on your rally events.
Hey, Dick, that sounds like my kind of evening! It's 93 degrees and breezy here right now, clear, hot and sunny. We are in desperate need of some of that rain you're tired of seeing. Here's hoping you have great weather and a great time. :-)
That is one fine little car there, Dick. Why am I in a minivan?
Very sexy wheels, Dick. Not sure it is sexier that my minivan though, its hot.
Sounds like a lovely day ... the movie "Cars" looks like fun. I might take Chicky to see it during the next 2 weeks of her school holidays.
Take care, Meow
Wish I could turn a Miata into a toad! Beautiful car, Dick.
Hey Dick....

Me again. Glad you dropped by my old cyberhome. And yes you are absolutly correct about the continuing maintenance activities on the old MG's but it was the only time in my life when I really knew a little bit about working on cars. Loved to tune up the old SU's.

Did you ever notice how much better those British cars ran when it was raining. Had a friend who owned an Austin Healey Sprite when I owned my MG Midget and we were totally convinced they ran better when it was raining.

Oh, and one other thing with regard to the tiny Midget and Sprite. There was an old closed down go-cart track where we lived so we would do the 'time-trial' thing on the go-cart track. Loads of fun to be sure!
Hi Dick! Which theater are you going to?
We have the Blue Fox here in Oak Harbor. I thought that was the last one in existence. We also have a go-cart track there too. I guess it will start late as it is still liht at 9:00!
I MISS drive-in theatres!!

Hope you have a fun Miata outing on Saturday Dick, and good weather!
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