Friday, June 16, 2006


A test of the new tripod

I bought a new tripod for camera use a couple of days ago. I have had one but it is fairly light weight both in actual weight & in strength. The one I was looking at originally was a Benbo but Pat, the sales lady I deal with at Ken's Cameras here in Mt. Vernon said she thought I would like a Manfrotto 3001 Pro unit better. She had neither in stock but brought them both in for me to see. She was right - I liked the Manfrotto unit better, and I don't think it is just because I like to say that name! Tripods today do not come with a head, or at least the better units don't, so that you can select the type you want. Then you need a bag to carry the whole thing in. By the time I got it all I had spent about as much money as I did on my Sony pocket camera, but I now have a good quality tripod system.

Today in the late afternoon, with a fairly heavy overcast and a few rain drops, I ventured out into the back yard to try out the new tripod with the macro lens on my Nikon camera, so I now have a few more pictures of some of the flowers in my yard. I have set up two of them to post. This first one is from the vine that climbs up over the trellis you go through to go from the deck into the yard proper. I don't know what kind of a flower it is but it is purple:
Yard flowers 8

I do know what this next one is. Annie loved roses and there were two bushes of them beside our storage shed, one red, the other yellow, when we bought the house. I see that I need to go out and trim off the heads that are past their prime so more will grow but there was one yellow one that still looked pretty good, so I took a photo of it:
Yard flowers 9

These were taken by just letting the camera meter the exposure and a little tweaking in Photoshop Elements. They probably both would be better with a bit more depth of field, especailly the rose, but that will have to wait for another day.

Son M & his family came up today and we went to Bob's Burgers & Brew for lunch. That is a place that makes big burgers, with a big price, kind of like Red Robin, but the sandwiches are good. I had a couple of coupons for half off a second sandwich after buying one so we were able to use them and saved almost $9. M is on one of his three day weekends so he will be off work on Father's Day. Son B also got a three day weekend after returning this week from being out to sea a week & a half on his ship, so he will be home with his family for the holiday, too. I don't know what I am doing Sunday after church but will probably go somewhere for dinner. Last year on Father's Day we were camping at Yogi Bear Campground just west of Spokane and went to a long time favorite restaurant of mine over there, the Longhorn BBQ for Father's Day dinner. That place is too far to go this year so maybe I'll just go to Outback. If I took one of the grand daughters they would probably pick McDonalds.

Gorgeous pics, Dick, and the purple flower is a clematis. :-)

I wish I had a better camera, but it's not in the budget for the forseeable future.

If you lived closer I'd invite you over for lunch after church on Father's Day. My Daddy died in Dec. of 2004 and it still doesn't seem right not to be getting him a gift and going to see him and Mama for Father's Day. She died April 13, 2005, not quite 4 months after he died. I'll be putting a Father's Day post on my blog either Saturday or early Sunday morning.

Happy Father's Day, Dick, I hope you have a good day of it, and hope you have good weather for your drive-in movie outing. :-)
Happy Father's Day, I hope you have a wonderful day.

The flowers are beautiful. I am glad you said that about cutting the dead heads off the rose bushes, I have three bushes and since this is the first time I ever had rose bushes, I did not know that. I am adding it to my list of things to do today.
beautiful photos and hope you have a happy Father's Day. I know first holidays are hardest on those who have experienced a loss like yours. Be good to yourself whatever you do.
If that purple flower is growing on a vine, its a clematis. Nice pictures! But ya know, the main purpose of a tripod is so you can take a picture of yourself.
I really hope that you have a wonderful Fathers day ,have fun. Your Photos are brilliant , it is like I could pick them of the stems, great quality and colour. You are a fantastic photographer,alot of detail in your work ,Bravo !!!!:)
How goes the "DATING GAME"? any prospects? sometimes it takes awhile to get responses,Never give up , if it is something you want :)
Oh in answer to your Question about the sunset pics on my blog :
I live on an isalnd in Canada, I live on the westernly part of that on the coastline ,there is the Atlantic between us and the mainland and the angel of where I am gives us spectacular sunsets! sorry if it is vague on location but I am in a tiny place and can be found easily . As you may know there are some dark elements that lingre online . Girls gotta be careful :)
Very nice work.
Beautiful flowers Dick, great job on the photographs!

Checked out your tripod. Really is a nice one. Sometimes they can be a bit of an inconvenience lugging them around but your photos will be the better for it, as I am sure you know.
Nice shots!

Did you get the rotating head? I love it. It makes it easier to change angles and quickly.

I use a monopod because I shoot sports mostly and a tripod will get you killed - at at the very least tackled! :lol:

Hope you have a great father's day. :)
Hope your Fathers Day was wonderful, Dick.
Your macro pictures are beautiful ... I never think to use my tripod, oh well.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow
I love your shot of the rose. I can almost smell it! :) Nice work.
Hey, Dick found your blog through vixen's veiws. My Dad is also a single male snowbird RV'er, he hangs around the Portland, OR and oregon/washington coast area alot. if you have a Thousand Trails Membership you might just run into him some time His name is Jim and he has a Winnebago Adventurer with a red GMC Canyon pickup tow vehicle.
Gorgeous photos. The purple one looks like a Clematis!
Nice Nikon Macro lens...
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