Saturday, July 15, 2006


After Life on Wheels

Another Life on Wheels at Moscow, Idaho is over. The time here always seems to go too fast. The workers are taking down the big yellow & white tents across the grass field from me as I write this. Electric power has been off for a few hours. There appear to be six rigs left here on A lot & I know three of us are staying overnight tonight. We all have to be out by noon tomorrow. Annie & I would usually leave Saturday morning but by 11 or 11:30, so I've never stayed here this late before.

This morning at 11:30 I was across the highway at the Palouse Mall using the laundromat to wash & dry clothes. I also visited Starbucks there for my mocha as the ladies who have been here all week are back downtown at the Farmer's Market today. I will go to Walmart & Winco Foods again later today on a shopping trip & may have dinner at the Chinese buffet in the mall. I don't cook much.

This LoW was a lot different for me in many ways. It was the first one in Moscow without Annie being with me, after we had been here together for the last four years. I sure missed her. Secondly I am parked on the opposite side of A lot from where we usually have been for the last three years. I arrived early and worked on the parking crew. That was fun but very tiring. I didn't feel back to normal until Wed. But I plan to do it again next year. There are 18 class periods with 8 to 12 classes offered in each period, over four & a half days. I attended 7 periods, six classes (one, Digital Photography, was a double period one.) That is about the same number of classes I attended last year. I now know more people than I did before & I'll look forward to seeing them again at various places on the road. That is part of the charm of the RV life style. I have a few more photos that I'll try to get up when I get to Spokane. I am hoping for a broadband connection there.

I guess life goes on, whether we want it to or not. Somehow the future just looks pretty bleak.

>>I guess life goes on, whether we want it to or not. Somehow the future just looks pretty bleak.<<

Sounds like we are both in a slump right now....hang in there, the roller coaster ride continues and we'll be on an roll again soon, hooting & hollaring on the way. ;)
Oh, Dick....your loneliness comes through in this post and it just makes me want to love you up and hold you tight. I pray God will send you a companion, my friend. Don't give up, Dick.

Love and ((((hugs))))

your post reminds me that one can be lonely in a crowd. Just today, Keith and I were strolling along English Bay. I commented to him how many people were sitting solitarily. I said to him how nice it makes it to be able to say "hey, look at that". Sometimes When I get overwhelmed with the crowd of a large family, I long for the bliss of solitude. But I am glad to always have Keith with me and I sure miss him when he is gone for a few days. I cant fathom going on for the rest of my life without him. My heart goes out to you tonight Dick. Its been almost a year since Annie passed on, and most of the time you seem to be able to go on living, with memories of her to keep you company. As her anniversary nears, you are bound to have some emotional upheavals.
Give huggy a big squeeze for me.
Love Susan
Oh Dick, I am really feeling for you, via this post. You sure do miss Annie, and it is coming out very clearly. I wish I could come over there, and give you a big hug, and tell you that everything will be OK ... never the same, but OK anyway. I know I have never felt what you are going through, and I know I cannot offer advice for that reason. But I can offer you friendship (be it the virtual kind. Take care, friend, and give that gorgeous kitty Huggy a big smoocher for me. All the best, and please drive safely, Meow
It really hasn't been very long to have lost a life companion and it's not surprising you would still feel depressed. You just have to center yourself on activities you enjoy and from the sounds of your blog, you are doing that and give yourself time.It could be another lifemate will show up or maybe it'll be something else you will find satisfying and give you purpose. Grieving takes time and it's good to not rush it. Burying it would just leave it there to ruin future relationships. Seems to me you are doing well given your sad loss
You're doing well Dick, honestly you are. It's only been such a short while since you lost Annie, so whatever you do, don't feel bad about still hurting as it is natural. Please know that my heart grieves with you, for I know that pain so well. I also know that in time it won't hurt this much, I promise.

Until then I keep you and Annie both in my prayers, and am sending you all the hugs I can muster. If you ever want to chat about it Dick, just let me know as I'd love to be a shoulder. God bless.
Your final line of the July 15 post sounds just as my father-in-law did after his wife of over 30 years suddenly died.It has been almost 6 years now and there is not a day he does not think of his wife. After about a year and a half he was able to move on. He travels and goes on with daily life. He feels that to move on with his life, and speak of her ofen, she will always be remembered. When your friends and acquaintences see you, they will fondly think of her too. You are doing the right thing by continuing the life the two of you loved. Make her spirit smile and she will reveal her presence in many ways.
My heart goes out to you...grief takes awhile to get past the worst pain and there will be tears from time to time always. I have not lost my mate, but I know from loosing other people I have loved, life has to change, it is just not the same again ever. But the best solace I found has been in God! Blessings to you!
It can be hard to press onward, but the prize we are promised makes it worth while. I've known lows from which I thought I could never see the light again, but discovered that the Rock I landed on would sustain me and assist me...
Our character is formed by those who touch us in our lives, and Annie's touch has helped to create a loving and caring man, Dick. Your love for her is obvious, and I'm guessing it would be her wish for you to enjoy each day to its fullest...
Hello Dick,
You know , it has been a short while since your precious annie has passed , your heart is with her and you miss her terribly I am sure, it must be hard after all these years , what would annie want , she wouldnt want you to feel like this I am sure .You retracing your steps with Annie must make you very melancoly. You had such a zeal for life together ,but part of that was beacuse of you.
You have to grieve , we all do at some point ,but realise you shall meet again but for now life is precious,each day with your family esp your Grandchild , must make you feel love ,you have alot going for you just from what we see here on your blog , hang in there you will ok . sending you a cyber hug and hope your feeling better soon
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