Friday, July 28, 2006


BooMama's home tour

This is just a short post. A young lady from the South, BooMama, has worked to set up a online photo tour of blogger's homes. Many will be posting photos in todays posts of their homes. I didn't sign up for it as I am not home. But yesterday, Diane who publishes her blog from Bay, Arkansas & is participating in the tour suggested that I post photos of my RV which while I am on the road is my "home." I will go ahead and do that although I am not officially a part of the tour. This photo was taken of our rig not long after we bought it so it is nearly six years old, but the place looks much the same today. The driver & passenger's seats do rotate to become a part of the "living room" seating arrangement. Here they are facing forward in the driving position.

In this photo, the camera is looking forward from the garden bath area. The "kitchen" is to the left, with the dining table to the right. Forward of that is the couch on the left that converts to a bed & on the right, the entry steps and a chair. Ahead of that are the driver & passenger seats. Out of the photo, the garden bath has a walk-in shower, wash basin, toilet in it's own room & closets. At the rear of the coach is an island queen size bed. Island means you can walk on three sides of it. Here is the photo:
Sea Breeze interior

Go click on the link above to start the tour at BooMama's. Diane's site has a link in my sidebar. There are supposed to be two hundred or more who are participating in this Blogger event. The posts are supposed to be made today but like all posts they should stay on the Web at least until deleted. Have fun.

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Hi, Dick, and thanks for joining us. I'm about to try to get my post ready. I enjoyed seeing your home on wheels. Now when you talk about being in your RV I will have a mental picture of where you are and what you might be doing.

I'll bet Huggy likes that console between the seats and the dash, especially when it's sunny. :-)
Dick..Diane is right..that is your home and I enjoyed seeing it..Thanks for the tour.

Thanks for the tour Dick. Now we can visualize you cruising down the highway with Huggy watching her favorite TV program - Animal Planet I presume. :)
I really like being able to see your home on wheels Dick. And what a cool idea to have a tour of homes!
Your motorhome looks very nice. We looked into buying one at one time but didn't feel we could travel enough right now to get use out of it. I have always enjoyed going inside them though to see what they look like. We used to use a small vacation trailer when the kids were little, no bathroom, nothing special at all but we had a lot of wonderful years using it.
Wow, that looks nice!
Thank you for sharing your home on the road with us Dick. Very nice looking.
O.M.G....STOP TEASING ME!!!!! YOU KNOW HOW I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!! Beautiful pic, Dick! Hey, that rhymed!!!
It looks like such a spacious RV. How lovely. It must be great to have everything on board, bathroom and loo and all !! A home away from home, on wheels.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow
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