Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hi from Yogi Bear Campground

I left the campus at the University of Idaho, Moscow, Sunday about 11, stopped to fill the RV gas tank (42 gal at $2.969/gal) then drove to Spokane arriving at Yogi Bear Campground west of town about 12:40. I checked in & was assigned to space R-13, a pull through spot with full hookups including cable TV & hot phones, so I have a telephone in the RV plus expanded basic cable TV! I tried calling my brother on the cell phone but it wasn't working right. So, I called him on the RV phone & we agreed to meet for lunch at Arby's in town.

I called Verizon Wireless about my phone problem. The tech person was very helpful but we came to the conclusion that my phone had a major problem. It connects to their system, every thing looks normal, I can place calls that go through (or receive them) but I cannot hear the person nor can they hear me. The good news is I have had the phone about two years so could go to a Verizon store on Monday & replace it with much of the cost covered.

I spent the rest of the day with L & had dinner with he & S when she got home from her bike ride. On Monday I met him at his house & we started out for a Verizon store but with a much needed stop at a do-it-yourself car wash to clean the dirt from towing my car from home to Moscow, then up here. I got a new LG phone & they transfered my old phone number to it along with my phone book so I didn't even have to enter those.

Boy, those phones have changed in just two years! This one has a higher quality camera, will take a memory card, has GPS built-in that, if I subscribe to the service, will allow me to enter a location I want to go to and it will give me directions both verbally & on the screen. It will do music & I guess I can even get TV shows & movies if I want to pay for & watch them on that mini-screen. I don't have those extras but did add a Bluetooth device so I can wear it on my ear and talk & control the phone within about 30' of it via the Bluetooth thing. Now I have to learn to use it.

After the phone L & I went out to visit our aunt & uncle who live fairly close to the phone store. They are both in their 90s & doing pretty well. She is our Mother's sister. I had dinner again with L & S, then back home to feed Huggy her special dinner & spend the rest of the evening at home.

Tuesday L came out here & we drove on to Cheney, about 6 miles away. Cheney is the home of Eastern Wash. State Univ. where both L & I attended school in the 1960s. It sure has changed over the years & is close to three times as large as when I was there. L is planning on taking classes there this fall, just for fun. We were able to buy our mochas for the day at the student union building & ate lunch there. I shopped at Safeway for a couple of things I needed, then came home. L headed for town while I spent the rest of the evening here. I got a phone call that evening from A, a friend I went all the way through grade & high school with. I'll see him Sat at the Grant Elementary School reunion potluck at a park near the school.

Yesterday L & I went to Costco where I managed to escape without spending money! Well, we did have lunch there, their Polish dog & pop combo for $1.50 plus tax & I filled the gas tank of the Saturn for $2.949/gal. Back to L's house to leave the food, then off to Hasting's Books. I like that store but I can't get out of there without spending money. But, all but one (I bought seven) were from their discounted books section and three are early Christmas present purchases. Dinner was again at L & S's, then I came home to take care of Huggy & read.

The weather has been warm although not as hot (yet) as in much of the country. But the TV news this morning is saying they expect to break record highs over the next few days, with temps over 100 on Sat & Sun. My biggest concern is that while I leave the AC on in the RV to keep Huggy comfortable while I am away, if anything goes wrong with that system or power source, the RV is closed up & it would get very hot inside with no ventilation. By the first of the week it is supposed to cool down to the mid-90s. The humidity will be low so it won't be as bad as in some parts of the country where the temp & humidity have both approached the 100 mark.

Enough for now. It is time to get ready to go back to Cheney, this time with my camera, to get some photos of the campus. I'll probably post some of them later. The park here has a good miniature golf course & maybe I can talk L into trying it with me later.

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Oh, Dick, you're on a trip! Where have I been???? I had to laugh at the phone thingee. I see the young'ens with them and I know it would confoozle the heck out of me. Kudos to you for figuring it out!

I think you're in the area that an online friend is trying to get to. I wish I had known you were going. She really wants to get to Montana something fierce and my writing group and I are trying to figure out a way to get her there. She's an author, but has been living with her daughter who has decided that one's too many. It's a really sad situation really. I've thought about emailing churches in the area, I just haven't gotten to that point yet. She's living in Florida so that's an awful long trip but she feels this spiritual need to get to Montana. She knows no one there...she's just going to pack up and leave but doesn't know how she's going to get there. I really feel bad for her.

Anyway, I'll have to keep checking over here...I love the stories about your trips!
Good to hear from you Dick. Was wondering how things were going and where you were.

Obviously, if it is any consulation it is "HOT" every where right now. It was 102 here in central Arkansas yesterday and we are going for 104 today.

Does look like your dealing with reasonable gas prices. You take care and have a great visit there.
Hey Dick
Cell phones , they are a great invention , seems we would be lost without them .:}
Good luck figuring it all out , some are easier than others , I have alot of stuff on mine as well but mostly use the voice ID calling , it is great if you are having trouble or hands are busy ,you can say call ??????and it dials it , yours proably has that, it has everything else HAHA

Seems like your on the go , great , and what special meal for HUGGY????or is she just spoiled LOL I say she will be ok if the AC goes off , she will find the coolest place to curl up and as long as she has plenty water/food she should be fine . You can freeze her bowl of water ,that way she will have a cool drink as it melts ,add little water to start it off, our kitties love it , we have the water dispenser kind too and freeze that , as it melts it flows into the bowl .Be safe driving and MOUSEYS for HUGGY LOL
Sounds like a fun couple of days. Polish dog and pop? What is on a Polish dog?
You drove on to Cheney?

He does need someone running him over....
Hi, Dick and Huggy, sounds like you are staying busy! It's always nice to revisit some childhood memories, and I'll bet you have a good time at the reunion. I'm looking forward to more pictures. :-)

I'd worry about Huggy, too. I wonder if your brother has a room in his house you could put Huggy in temporarily, just until you are ready to travel again? Other than that, it sounds like Green Eyes has the best solution for the moment.

Take care and love on Huggy for me. :-)
Mini golf, polish dogs and pop.... my my it all sounds so good! :-)
Aww...Spokane...a place of good memories for our family...we used to go there, plus for appointments to see the dentist or oral surgeon...they have one of the best in the country there (Dr. Higuichi)...he did our son's implant for one of his front teeth that was accidently knocked out. Even did the final surgery without one is that for being PERFECT!! (It has been almost 15 years since that was done and his "tooth" is still doing fine). We lived in Richland for many years but found the doctors were so much cheaper in Spokane plus were much more experienced too!! Plus the city had other attractions too!
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