Thursday, July 27, 2006


Last Sunday

After son M & his family arrived last Sunday, we went on a walk around Yogi Bear Campground. None of them had been here before so they were interested in what the place offered for people, especially little people like my grand daughter, to do. M found a large, dead but in good shape dragonfly floating in the swimming pool. We took it outside & placed it into the strawberry plant garden where I took the following photo:
Spokane 01

One thing K really wanted to try was the paddle boats in the lagoon. They are for children up to 60 pounds so she, at 44 pounds, was perfect. She caught on to getting around in them right away. Two years ago my other grand daughter also enjoyed the same boats. Here is K out on the lagoon (it is about 1 foot deep):
Spokane 02

This day was the one year anniversary of the death of my Annie and I wanted to go to church. After looking around the campground, the kids headed for their hotel to see if they could get checked in early while I drove to St. Paul's Episcopal Church that is on the campus in Cheney. It is a small church but nice and with some great people, including the parents of a couple of ladies who we attended church with at St. Matthew, Auburn! Isn't it a small world. Here is an interior view of the sanctuary:
Spokane 03

After church we met back at the RV, then drove back to Cheney for lunch at the Zip's Drivein there. I took a photo of the time/temperature sign as we were leaving to show what the temperature was that afternoon:
Spokane 04

Later that day there was a beautiful sunset. I often feel that Annie is sending these to me occasionally to enjoy, especially when they come on a special day. My DIL & I grabbed our cameras and walked over to the edge of the park to take some photos of the sun as it was setting over the golf course that is beside the RV park. Here is one of those I took:
Spokane 05

M, J & K headed off to their hotel to go to bed as they had a long day, leaving home a bit after 04:00 to get over here to surprise me. I read, checked blogs & email & cuddled Huggy until time for bed myself. It was a pretty good day for me, considering who I have lost in my life.

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As always, beautiful pictures, Dick.

I think Annie has been sending you those sunsets as well. They're just as bright as her smile was, in the pictures I've seen of her.

God bless you, my friend.
It looks like everyone is enjoying themself. I wish I could travel around. You seem to find such nice places to visit.
Wow...beautiful pictures, Dick! That sunset is the winner by far, but that cute pic with your granddaughter in that paddle boat is priceless. ;o)
So glad your family is thoughtful of you on such a difficult day of remembering. And glad too for the good memories you just made with them.

Zips...we used to live in Washington state, so ate at some of those from time to time, especially one in Kennewick!! I had forgotten about them...thanks for the memories.
I am glad it was a good day Dick. "considering who you lost". I know it is a small consolation, but you have also gained "US", your blog buddies. I for one am happy to say you are a friend of mine! Enjoy this weekend.
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