Friday, July 21, 2006


More photos from Life on Wheels

Here finally are four more photos from the Life on Wheels Conference I recently attended at the University of Idaho in Moscow. I am enjoying my brother's broadband cable TV connection to the web as Spokane still does not have Verizon Broadband on the wireless card.

There are a group of ladies who have a travel trailer that they use regularly at the local Farmer's Market in Moscow to sell mochas and other things from. After the market closes about noon the Saturday when we are parking RVs on campus, they move up to a regular spot by the big tents & setup their trailer. We were able to get espresso drinks, snacks, sandwichs and other things from there right near our RVs since that Sat afternoon. Here is a photo of some of them and a part of their workspace:
LoW 17

There are many classrooms of various sizes used for this conference. This one is Renfrow 112, the class is Electronic Communications from the Road and the instructor is Mike Steffan. Mike teaches classes at all of the sessions so anyone who has attended LoW at any of the satellite sites has probably taken a class from Mike:
LoW 18

After you have attended four conferences you graduate and are presented with your diploma at the final session. Annie & I graduated here at Moscow last year before she died three weeks later. This year there were ten diplomas presented, most to couples. This couple is C & V who also worked on the Parking Crew with me:
LoW 19

On the last Friday night a group of us went to dinner together at the Moscow Elks Club for their cook-it-yourself steak BBQ dinner. It was excellent and a great way to unwind and eat a good meal while visiting with friends. This is J & D finishing up their dinners. The gals were on one side of our table with the guys on the other so their husbands were over by me:
LoW 20

It always seems like the Conference is over before it should be. I guess this is because we have always enjoyed it so much. It is a great learning opportunity and becomes a fun social event. We attended our first one here in Moscow in July, 2002 while I was still working at Metro Transit in Seattle. For the 2003 session I was also still working but our house was on the real estate market then so we only took a minimum amount of time to come over. After 2003 I was retired so we had a lot more time to spend and the 2004 year was wonderful. Last year Annie wasn't feeling very good during it so we didn't attend as many classes or events as in the past but we did enjoy the Conference. Anyone who is interested in RVing should try to attend at least one & the session in Moscow is the longest & I think the best. Here is a link to their site on the U of Idaho web site: RV Life on Wheels Conference.

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Dick, I envy your freedom to travel. Looks like you had a good time. If you ever need a traveling companion, I sure hope I'm able! We'd have a blast! :)
More great pics, Dick. I'm looking forward to more of the countryside, too.

We just had a front go through and some much needed rain. The temp dropped from a high of 101F this afternoon to 73F right now at 10 pm. Praise the Lord, it has been miserable here. I hope you get a break from the heat there in Washington state, too.

Love on Huggy for me and drive safely, Dick. :-)
Sounds like something you really enjoy Dick.... and know that Annie WAS there with you, in spirit. Happy travelling!
They look like some right friendly folks. Its wonderful that your RVing brings you together with so many people. I will be thinking of you tommorrow. God Bless.
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