Thursday, July 13, 2006


The thank-you dinner and the Rainbow

Life on Wheels was started twelve years ago by Gaylord Maxwell, a life-long teacher and RV industry member. It has grown into a large program with the main Conference in July on the campus of the University of Idaho in Moscow, and four other mini-sessions held in various places through the country at different times of the year. As a thank-you for the instructors and other workers who make the program happen, Gaylord has held a thank-you dinner at his home near Derey, Idaho along with the conference. Since I am on the parking crew I was invited to the dinner that was held last evening.

This first photo shows some of the people who were there, enjoying conversations with each other:
LoW 10

Here are a few more of those who attended. Anyone who has been at previous sessions will probably recognize at least some of the folks in these photos:
LoW 11

Gaylord is shown here in the green shirt, talking with instructors Joe & Vicki Kieva & someone with his back to the camera:
LoW 12

Gaylord has a beautiful home on acreage but he is selling it soon to move to a home that is less labor intensive to keep up. I can't blame him. The pond and acres of lawn as well as the gardens are beautiful but very labor intensive. Here is a view of a part the house:
LoW 13

You can imagine sitting on the deck shown in the above photo or inside looking out the picture windows and seeing this view of part of the lawn and the pond:
LoW 14

We had some light rain about the time dinner was ready. It wasn't enough rain to cause a problem with the party but it did create a beautiful rainbow, in fact it was a double one as you will see in this photo. This view is from near the edge of the pond, looking over the dock toward the rainbow:
LoW 15

This is a broader view of the pond and shows more of the rainbow. It was beautiful but lasted only a few minutes. I sure am glad that I thought to take my Nikon camera along on this outing:
LoW 16

Today is the last full day of classes. I have stayed home from them this morning in order to get these photos edited, uploaded to Flickr and this post made, but I'll be in class this afternoon. Tonight is the play at Hartung Theatre here on campus. I won't be able to take photos there probably but I'll let you know tomorrow how I liked it. Huggy is currently sleeping in her basket on the RV dashboard.

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I love the picture of the rainbow across the dock and pond. The scenery is beautiful there, too. I love the mountains.

Have a good time tonight, and pet Huggy for me. :-)

Drive safely when you take off again, Dick. ;-)
Beautiful photos!
I love rainbows, and your photos are simply beuatiful. They are so sharp and clear ... you have an amazing camera, Dick.
Take care, Meow
Those are beautiful rainbow pics!!

Thanks for your thoughts concerning my dad.

Take care.
Beautiful rainbow photos
Amazing photos of the rainbow. I love the dark of the clouds and the spots of bright light breaking thru. Absolutely stunning. Great job.
I love that first rainbow photo! I like the grass in the forefront (is that a word)? Then the bright part in the clouds. Nice!
What a beautiful home and land area! And that rainbow over the! Great pix as always, Dick! Thanks for finding my new blog home! :)
I just looked at the weather for Moscow and I am so envious I can hardly bear it. Here in Arkansas the heat and humidity are consuming us
and we have to lock ourselves away for at least half of the day. Where do you go next?

I'm really enjoying your blog.
Great photos...Love your cat!!! It could probably eat my yorkie!!(:)
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