Sunday, July 09, 2006


We're getting there!

Two long days down (8am to 7pm on my feet) and only 8am to 3pm today to go & my Parking Crew duties will be finished. As Diane says, "I'm tard." I am not used to being on my feet & going all day. Thanks to aspirin & a few chair breaks I have made it but I've been going to bed by 10 at night, too. I really should do this more often.

We got into our spaces on A lot about 13:45 Friday and we have 24 hour electric power here. Huggy loves to go outside on the grass. I have a fairly long rope that hooks to the awning support in front of the RV & the ladder on the back of the rig that her leash goes over so she has quite a few feet to run in and the grass here is really great. I took photos of the area before the RVs arrived and will get some after they are in & will post them.

The weather has been great since I've been here. Yesterday it was in the high 80s & I understand today will be into the low 90s. Huggy is getting used to living with air conditioning. She would rather have the windows open for fresh air but that doesn't work well with the AC on. Yesterday it kept the inside temp down to about 77 so while she may have thought she was hot, it sure could have been worse. Like if she were outside.

We have two handicapped rigs (special parking) to arrive today & maybe another 20 or so to fill lot A. A group of 26 are down in Lewiston at a Newby's rally. This is something Life on Wheels started last year for people new to the RV lifestyle. They will all leave there about noon today and arrive up here half an hour or so later. I think most of them will be in lot B. I heard there were 511 people registered before this week and some have arrived unregistered to raise that total higher. Then add in we workers and the instructors, so there probably will be around 600 here.

There is a Farmer's Market in downtown Moscow that operates Sat morning. After it ended yesterday our mocha cart lady moved up here to the campus where she will be for the week. She will be here at 8 this morning & that is when I start work, so I must end this, get it sent & go get my daily mocha. More later.

It sounds like Huggy has a lovely grassy spot! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend there Dick! :-)
Hi Dick.
Sorry it took me awhile to scoot over here.
I would like to thank you for youre comment.
I have been enjoying the hot weather and the side effects of it, namely the shorter skirts :)
Sounds like fun traveling around in a RV and seeing the country.
I would love to do that some day and see North America
Hi Dick, sounds like you are having an interesting time. Glad Huggy is enjoying herself ... would be a cute picture to see her on the grass on her leash. My kitty refuses to move with a leash on .. you are very lucky !!
Take care, Dick, and have a great time ... Meow
Too hot for me!!
Maybe an ICED mocha!!
It was hot here yesterday but cooler to the 70's today.
I had a delightful iced mocha at a Mimi's Cafe yesterday. It came in a very tall glass.

I got a double take when I ordered this because I ordered this in Utah is a no no there. You don't expect to see the nice family with the nice looking mommy ordering a bad beverage.

I should have ordered a shot of Jack Daniels.
Jude & Meow, I have a few more photos about ready to upload & there are a couple of Huggy showing her & the grass.

Walker, I agree with you about that advantage of warm weather & remember I am now on a college campus! RVing around the country is fun although the current high fuel prices take a little of the fun out of it.

Phyllis, we seem to get to the mid 80s every day. I still get my mocha hot (coffee doesn't taste right to me if it is cold) but I do get it in the morning before the heat gets too high.

Becky, I am not familiar with Mimi's Cafe but I like the name of the place. I remember just a couple of years ago when it was hard to find a mocha east of the coast area of California. I'll bet it is still a problem in Utah. Do they approve of decaf coffee? I didn't have a Jack Daniels but tonight did have a rum & Coke with dinner.
Wonderful pictures! I had to laugh at the cat on the leash picture. I used to walk my cat when I lived in Newport News, Virginia. One day the sucker turned on me and grabbed my leg, teeth and claws sinking into my skin. Had to go have a tetanus shot. But I still loved the cat. Go figure. ;o)
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