Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Has it only been a week since I drove to Richland to meet SW? Since I got my first speeding ticket in many years (I'm mailing them the check today)? I really don't seem to have done very much in that time but a full week has indeed gone by.

SW & I have been talking quite a bit on the phone. I have been enjoying those calls but may need to increase my cell plan minutes. With five more days left in the billing month, I am now one minute over my contracted number of minutes, at 45 cents a minute for those extra minutes. The next jump would double the number of anytime minutes, for a cost of $20 plus all those taxes they add. Maybe if we talk after 21:00 or on weekends when it is free.....

I renewed the license for my Honda Metropolitan II moped yesterday for it's second year. I plan to drive it around more than I have been as it only has 250 miles on the odometer since I bought it August 13, 2005. But it gets over 90 miles to a gallon of gas so is pretty nice now with $3+/gal gas. My neighbor gave me an Orange County Choppers decal for the back of the moped. Now I can park with the Harley's and fit in.

Last night I ordered one of Dorothy's books on soul mates, one on WordPress to blog with and a DVD of "The Best of Rowan & Martin's Laugh In" TV shows on Amazon.com. I went there from Miss Cellania's blog so she will get a little money from Amazon to help pay her online expenses. The books are some I have wanted and I loved Laugh In when it was on the air. We will never see anything like it again as it wasn't politically correct. It spoofed any and everything in a no holds barred way. It is where Goldie Hahn got her start.

Time now for lunch & then I'm off on the moped for Starbucks, with a book, for my mocha. I should buy stock in that company.

Aw, thanks for the link. You are a sweetie!
I could do with a mocha about now. Sounds good. I still have to go get something out of the freezer for supper and hope inspiration hits when I go searching for side dishes. :-)

So, does the long conversations mean that something of a more romantic nature might be developing with SW? Or is it still on a strictly friendly basis for now? Best wishes either way.....
Man, I loved Laugh In! I thought I would keel over from laughing when old Tricky Dick was on and said "Sock it to me?" LOL Good memories there!

So....long phone calls with SW...seems like it's a little bit more than just friendship, Dick. Good for you! Enjoy it!
Hi Dick, Sounds like life is going good for you, that is awesome. I think you have a nose for those mocha joints you know, like a blood hound, hehehe. Good luck with SW, you deserve happiness as you are one special guy.
I never missed an episode of Laugh In, and Goldie Hawn was my favourite person on that show!

Increase those phone minutes Dick, and also get yourself a helmet that says "Easy Rider" on it!

I stole your photo of the alps and put it on the desktop.
What a bunch of romantics we are...and wishing you something wonderful.

BTW - Loved "Laugh In" - sure would be nice to see something like that now.
Great to hear your a biker now.

The 'Orange County Choppers' decal will go a long way in helping you fit in. Hope to see some photos real soon with you in your leathers and of course...the classic bandana!
Dick, I'd be honored to find you on your moped parked beside my bike at Starbucks. If I ever see ya, I'll be glad to buy you a mocha.
Hope all is well, and may the Lord make His face to shine upon you.
I love the image of your moped at the end of a line of Harleys, with an Orange County decal on it...

I was thinking about getting myself a moped for little trips without the kids, how do you like yours?
Hi Dick, glad to hear things are going well for you...and sounds like your friendship with SW is off to a strong start!! :) Wishing the best to you...
Hey Dick
Guess your Gonna "get your motor running , out on the highway , Born to be WILD " HAHA WHERE IS hUGGY GOING TO FIT ? HAHA
A speeding ticket? You speed demon!! LOL

Be careful on that moped!
Watch out for the crazies on the road. There is not much between you and the road on a moped!
My dad posted a photo of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge on his site. Thought you may be interested in that.If so, see outhouse Capital in my links.
Sounds like a lovely week for you, Dick. Hope the weekend is just as good. Take care, Meow
Sounds like you made a great connection! How many minutes does your cell phone allow? You can get a long distance calling card at Costco 700 minutes for $20.00. That is what I use for long distance calling.
The conference was great, but DANG, nobody came in and did my work while I was gone, and it just piled up!!
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