Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The Hot Rod Cafe

During my second week in the Spokane WA area a group of friends who went through the public schools together gathered to reminisce about our times together. On Saturday evening we went to the Hot Rod Cafe in Post Falls, Idaho for dinner. I had never been there before but it is quite the place and only about 20 miles from downtown Spokane, east on I-90. Here are a few photos from that gathering, with the first one showing the outside of the place. There is a red hot rod coupe on the top of the building on the round part, that rotates:
Hot Rod Cafe 01

When you first come in you are in the waiting area which is used if they are crowded, which I guess happens often. This is a view of part of that area. Notice how the seats have been made up from the trunk areas of cars:
Hot Rod Cafe 03

There is a lot to see inside. This 1957 Chevrolet station wagon is pulling a drag boat on a trailer, both painted to match. You can also see other signs as well as things hanging around and there are many TVs with car related things on them continuously:
Hot Rod Cafe 02

This Ford pickup is powered with a Crysler Hemi V-8. The car is licensed for the road and probably does not spend all it's time here on display. I would bet the owner takes it out for drives on a regular basis, perhaps then bringing in another car to put on display in this location. Notice the old gas pump and all the various signs:
Hot Rod Cafe 04

Here is a photo of part of our group. Some came from California and New York as well as various parts of Washington State. This view shows a bit more of the restaurant in the background. Notice that neat child's pedal car raised up on a pole to the right side of the photo. I bet it would be loved by any kid today:
Hot Rod Cafe 05

We had a fun time and I would have loved to stay on but I had to get back to the RV to start getting ready to leave the next morning for home. I was staying in a membership campground, Yogi Bear Campground, and could only get two weeks there. I hoped to extend it a couple of days but they had someone coming in right after me to take my spot. Our group was going out to a lake cabin owned by a sister of one of the guys the next day (Sunday.) I spent time each summer at that lake while growing up and would have enjoyed seeing the place again, but it was not to be. There was another nice sunset as we were leaving and I did manage to get the Hot Rod Cafe sign into the photo, too. The bank in the background had a time/temperature sign but I couldn't get the two co-ordinated to display both at the same time. The temp was 72 as we were leaving, about 21:00:
Hot Rod Cafe 06

I have some other photos that were taken during this gathering and my time in Spokane and I will look through them and post a few more in another post. I wanted to get these up as it has been a few days since I added anything & I figured these would be easy to do. More later.

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Well if that isn't the coolest. I loved those chairs made out of the rear ends of the cars...really unique! Keep posting pictures...I'm really enjoying looking at them. ;o)
Dick, That Hot Rod cafe looks like a real neat place to visit, sounds like your having a great time. Thank you so much for the nice comments you left on my blog, nice to know that friends are still there even after a long absence. Cheers,
That looks like a fun place to eat. I like looking at old cars.
What an interesting place. Your photos are great. I love places like this ... so much to look at, and he menus usually serve up 50s style food, too.
We had one near here called the Pink Cadillac, but it's closed down now.
Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow
Hi Dick,
Great photos. Looks like a nice place for a group of car nuts! I always enjoy your photos. The one of the sunset is my favorite.
Hi Dick
Love the photos , really unique place thanks for sharing again love it and as far as your rv pics ,,,,I am green with envy , I really am , it is bigger than my first apartment LOL
love tagging along :} so thanks and tummy rubs for the "Huggy"
That place looks like a great time!
We got to get us one of those....

Have never seen a restaurant with that theme. Been in several "50's" theme places, a couple with cars, but nothing like that.

The outside looks really cool resembling a gas station. Have always loved the Mobil "flying horse".

Great post - great photos as usual. Look forward to "our" next stop.
Great pictures Dick, and I really love the sunset shot. This looks like a fun place to go eat at.... great atmosphere!
Thank you for your comments and prayers!

Nice pics.
Looks like quite a good time! And that sunset picture is just awesome.
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