Monday, August 07, 2006


In pursuit of dreams.....

Today's post by Rain is about daydreams. I think we all do some of that and she talks in a way that is easy to understand about the difference between daydreams and dreams that occur as we sleep. I like her thoughts on the subject. One that I do occasionally is to buy a single lottery ticket. I'll buy it when the winnings get fairly high and figure it is worth the $1 to dream a little for a couple of days. All I ever seem to get are the, "Sorry, not a winner" type but it is fun never the less and I feel I can afford an occasional dollar for that fun.

But there are other daydreams I have. One is that perhaps there is another lady who I could spend the rest of my live loving and living with. I will never forget my Annie but I really do want to try to get the magic we had back into my life. Maybe it is just a daydream, but someone does win those lotto prizes rather than just getting "Sorry, not a winner" and maybe it will eventually be me. I think you have a better chance of winning if you buy a ticket.

Recently I connected with a lady who I attended school with. Our high school had over 600 graduating seniors so the chances of really knowing someone there was not real good but I do remember her. I found her on and we have exchanged email and a few phone calls since then. It turns out that we also went to the same grade school for a year or so but I am pretty sure we were not in the same classroom there as I don't remember her from that time. We did go to the same college where she finished & became a teacher but I transfered from after two years.

Anyway, in the spirit of having a better chance of winning if I buy a ticket, I have a motel reservation in her town for tomorrow night and will drive there tomorrow to meet & spend some time together. Will S.W. be the one I am looking for? I dunno, but if I don't try to reach for the gold ring I know I'll never get it.

Here is a quote from Rain's post of today and I think she is right on:

"Are we ever too old to dream? I think as we age, we may have to adjust the dreams for what is physically possible; but there can, and I believe, should be dreams at any age. To follow a dream sometimes does have risk attached. Some would say forgetting your dreams will make you happier, but for me, I will hold onto mine and take my chance to make them real if the chance comes."

I hope I am not like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. More later.


You're absolutely right Dick. You deserve to have happiness in your life again, and we never get opportunities if we don't answer the door when it knocks. ;-)

Good luck to you, friend. If at the least you make another good friend and that is all, that is still a rich blessing in itself. And if it's more than that..... well like I said, you deserve it. :)

God bless!
Hey, what a nice post and if you dream, you have a chance to have it come true. Good luck with that reaching for the brass ring. If not this one, maybe another but by being open to life, you have a chance for what you want and I'm sure, having seen the pictures of your Annie, that it's what she'd want for you
Good luck with your lady friend, Dick. At the least you can be open to a new friendship, and at the most, she could be the one you're destined to be with for the rest of your life. I hope all goes well for you. :-)
I agree with Diane ,,,,GO FOR IT ! whatcha got to lose , except loneliness, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope things are fabulous, ,,,,,,nothing ventured nothing gained .

Have fun !
and I loved the last post ,memory lane , thanks for sharing ,hugs for HUGGY
and have fun and enjoy
Hey Dick, hope you have a wonderful evening with your lady friend, and I hope she may be the one you are looking for. Go for it, my friend !!
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow
Wishing you the very best!! At least a good friend...friendship is good too!!
I've reconnect with lots of old friend via classmates including my high school sweetheart. I had not seen him in over 20 years and found out he only lived a few hours away. Three years ago when I found him, my hubby and I went to see him and had dinner with him and his wife. It was really good for us and we were able to close some doors to the past we had left open a crack or two (wondering if we should have married/glad we didn't ha ha)
I hope you have a nice time with your friend and all your dreams come true
Hello again! Have not visited for quite some time. There is no age limit in dreaming. You can even be 90 or 100 and yet you can still daydream. It is nice to daydream once in a while. No harm in it. I do daydream too. Very often. I daydream of many things.
The only failures we truly experience in this life is failing to TRY.
Get on out there and see what's what my friend; the Lord smiles on those who help themselves :)
LOL, oh gosh...the quiz...was that Annie or this friend you were thinking of?

Anyway, Dick, I think it's time. You'll always hold a special place in your heart for Annie, but allow the other soul mates to come into you life...they come for reasons. Perhaps it is to help heal...did you ever think of that?

Annie would be pretty darn upset if she knew that her passing over has caused you to lose out on something so special...the closeness and warmth of another human being. I see her giving you the thumbs up. And please she does not want you to feel guilty...she will see you Heaven...;o)
Old friends are great, and so are new friends.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting while I was gone.

Good Luck!

(Though I think these things are a little more than does take a little charm and some food.)
I think its incredibly brave of you to enter the "scene" again after 37 years of happy marriage! Bravo! Reaching for the brass ring and continuing to dream makes you a winner in my book no matter what the ticket says. So I raise my glass to your adventure and make sure you let us know how it went.
Good luck, I lost my husband and then a few years later met someone new. It is great, different and new. We have relocated to Mexico from Canada and life is great.
Thank you all for your kind comments. I got back home tonight. I think S.W. and I will be very good friends but I don't know if it will go beyond that. But, I think everyone can always use another very good friend.

I'm going to relax tonight but will try to get some photos set and make another post about my trip within the next day or two. Overall, it was a good trip, even though I'll be contributing $122 to Grant County. It seems I forgot to slow down from freeway speeds when I left I-90 & got onto a regular state highway. I guess the local Sheriff Dept. didn't approve of 74mph in a 60 zone. Ouch.
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