Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Send prayers for Kayla

The fifteen year old niece of Susan, a blogger from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, has been fighting against bone cancer since it was discovered this past spring. Kayla has shown an amazing amount of strength during this battle which has been very stressful for her extended family, including many in the Blogging World. Tomorrow she will have her right leg surgically removed, another step in this battle against a terrible disease. Many of us who have grown to love her over the many miles that seperate us are praying for Kayla and the success of her medical team, as well as for her family. Please join many of us tomorrow morning in saying a prayer for the success of this proceedure and the recovery of this wonderful young lady. You can learn more by clicking on the link above or in my side bar on Susan's blog, "Thousand Wordsworth."

On a lighter note, I watched a fun video last night. I belong to Blockbuster On-Line which works much like NetFlicks. I order movies I want to watch online, they send me three that I return via mail when I have seen them. I had one on my list that looked like fun and it was great. If you haven't yet seen "Nanny McPhee" I would suggest you do. Annie sure would have loved it. My son, M, has taken his family to see it and gave me a description of it as sort of a Harry Potter version of Mary Poppins, and in some ways that is probably accurate. It is a fun show and one that is fine for children. It is not animated but has real people.

Thanks for doing your part for Kala, she is one special young lady.

I'll have to check out your recommendation for the movie.

Hope the reso of your week goes well :)
Thanks Dick for your special support. Kayla will be incredulous at this out poring of kindness and encouragement.
I left a comment at Susan's blog and told them that I would be praying for Kayla, bless her heart. Thanks for letting us know of this need, Dick. :-)
Prayers coming out of Texas as well for sweet Kayla.

Have a good day.
I will keep Kayla in my prayers Dick, thank you.
I think it's wonderful how so many bloggers have joined together to support and pray for Kayla and her family.
Sorry to hear of this young ones phlight , wishing her well and pray for her health to get better

Nanny Mcphee , yes , saw it it was great wasnt it . a real keeper .
hope your well Mr Mocha
And Huggy , rubs around the ears . drive safe Dick
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