Sunday, August 20, 2006


SW, Sammy and my moped

There hasn't been very much happening in my life that is exciting or different, so I haven't tried to post much here. Last Thursday was the annual picnic in the park where I live. My neighbor & I again played in the bocce ball tournament but it got messed up. We won our first game & should have gone on, but the score keeper forgot there was a playoff to happen & awarded the prize to the winners of the next game. We really should have played them for the championship. Oh well, we did win it two years ago & didn't play last summer.

I did decide that I perhaps should put up a couple of photos of my Honda moped since I have mentioned it a few times. This first photo is of my DIL, J, riding it about a year ago shortly after I bought it. It still looks the same, although it didn't have the sticker I'll show you in the second photo installed on it yet at the time of this photo:
Moped 01

My neighbor thought the moped lacked something and he had just the "fix" for it. He had a sticker for Orange County Choppers which he thought would look good on the moped, so we put it on. Now I can go out and hang with the Harleys, as long as they are parked. I can't keep up with them when they're moving:

SW & I have been talking pretty regularly on the phone. I "found" her, a high school classmate, on a web site called, "" Here is the photo she posted there of she and her 1 1/2 year old Yorkshire terrier, Sammy:

I managed to get to the end of my cell phone bill cycle yesterday with only two minutes over my basic amount by making my calls after 21:00 in the evening. As I said, there is not a lot of activity here to write about. I'll try to not let it go so long before adding something else. I do want to go play with my camera again so should have some area pics that I can at least post.


That's too bad about the mix up with the bocce Dick! I guess the worst of it is, you didn't get the fun of playing some more at all. :-(

Your moped looks like fun! You'll have to deck yourself out all in leathers with studs on them when you're roaring around on it. "Easy Rider".... heh heh

That's a really nice pic of SW, and what a cutie Sammy is too. Looking forward to seeing what great pictures you'll be capturing Dick, have a great week!
It sounds like your relationship with SW may be more promising than you first thought! Hmmmmmm......We'll see, I suppose.

Love your moped. It would be ideal for getting around my little town, about 2000 people, more or less.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words about Jessica. Her first day of college is Monday, and she is so excited! I hope she does well and loves her time in college.

Looking forward to your photos, Dick. :-)
Nice post dick. Are you going to mount a big basket on the handlebars so Huggy can ride up front? Don't b thinking you can leave him out of the excitemrnt. Ever seen a cat in a skull cap helmet? LOL
Thanks for your nice comment at my site. The scrapbooks Annie did , sound wonderful. I am sure the kids will always treasure them, especially for the loving hands that assembled them.
Did Huggy meet Sammy yet?
No saz but that may be coming up. She seems to get along generally better with dogs than she does with other cats. I'll have to watch her pretty closely as she is quite a bit larger than Sammy & Sammy is a real exuberent pup.
It sounds like things might be going better than you thought at first with SW.

Beautiful pictures you shared, I love the moped and I know it would be fun.

You have such a wonderful way of looking at things and always inspire me for that
I thak you very much and appreciate all the time you take to visit with me and comment Dick.
You are one great person.
Glad you're doing well Dick.
What a cute dog. He'll look good riding in the moped basket.

I love Bocce Ball. We used to play it at the beach w/my grandparents/ You was robbed!
Mean looking moped, I looooove it!
Hi Dick
I like the LOGO on the back of the Moped, how about a pic of you and Huggy on it ahaha !
Hope your well Mocha man , rubs for the Great Huggy
Take er easy "Easy Rider" LOL
Like the photo of the moped Dick. The looks resemble the old Vespa don't they? When you mentioned moped I was thinking about the ones from the fifties that looked like bicycles and actually had peddels.
That Moped looks like fun, only I'd need trainer wheels!! HAHAHAHA
Hmmm, sounds like things are looking up for you, Dick !!
The moped looks like so much fun, and I agree with others ... you need a basket on it for Huggy, then a photo of the 2 of you on it !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow
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