Saturday, September 30, 2006


A busy time for me

Somehow I seem to be getting busier. My digital photography class is keeping me tied up quite a bit but I am also learning things. As I thought, it is pushing me to do things I probably could have done on my own but now have deadlines for. This is good, I think.

Today I am going to a Miata Club BBQ at the home of one of our members in Redmond at 17:30. Those of us with Mk II model cars are to bring a desert. When I finish this I'll leave for the Krispy Creme place in Burlington for a dozen fat pills, err, donuts. There are only two of these stores in our state at this time and one is here. Then it will take something over an hour to drive down there, plus however long it takes to find the place.

Tomorrow I'll go to church, then I am off on another adventure. I'll wait until later to write about it, but let's say that SW has prodded me to start looking around for a lady closer to home & thanks to the computer... well, more later.

On Monday my older son is marrying the lady he has been going with for over four years. Annie & I were both looking forward to being there but I will have to stand in for her. M, J & K will all be there. I will instantly double my grand kid count as DJ has three sons, all about the same age as my other GKs.

Time to go now if I am going to have time for my mocha, get the donuts & be on the road in time to get there. Oh yeah, there are clouds now after it started out sunny this morning, with showers possible. I will put the top up on the car & take a hat. More later.

Still working on getting my apartment ready for inspection, but I wanted to drop in and see what's happening in your world.

Have a good day at the b-b-q, and have some for me. I'll have whatever I can rake up tonight, nothing fancy. Probably a sandwich, and then I'm eating out somewhere yet to be determined for lunch tomorrow after church. I'll be with my sisters so no telling where we'll end up.

Have a good weekend, Dick. :-)
Have a great time at the BBQ.

And congrats to your son and his wife to be.

And the other Krispy Creme store in this state is near me, dammit!
Congratulations to your son. I'll bet you all will miss Annie on this day.
Congrats on the son!
Did you have fun at the BBQ?
And how was the other meeting? Does she live closer?....same religion? (that is important).
Good luck, Dick!
Congratulations to the bride and groom! Annie WILL be there Dick. Count on it.

And I hope we will hear something lovely about your "other" news. :-)
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