Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Huggy, a memorial service and exercise

I am going to repost my favorite photo of Huggy as many who read this now did not see the photo when I posted it back in Dec. or Jan. This was taken last fall in my back yard with my then new 90mm macro lens, sort of testing it out. That is the same lens I used at the Elvis show last week. By the way, my new Nikor 50mm f/1.8 lens arrived today. I hope to try it out tomorrow. Here is Huggy:
Getting close to Huggy

Friday of last week a friend from church died from cancer. She thought she had beaten this some years ago but it came roaring back with a vengence in July. This was the first Memorial Service I have attended since Annie's on 3 Aug 2005. It was kind of a hard thing to go to but I really liked Trudy and wanted to be there. I am glad that I did go.

I joined the YMCA in Sep 2005 to exercise in order to loose some weight & get into better physical condition. I started out pretty good but fell by the wayside, then left on my Snowbird trip & never got started again. I have continued to pay my $29 per month but haven't lost much weight, except $29 worth in the wallet every month. Well, I went there again today and got a refresher on using some of the machines. This time I think I WILL do better. SW is also inspiring me to eat better (and less) so between the two it may work this time. Time will tell and I'll let you know how I do. I even bought a bathroom scale to check the results, good or not so good.

Today is my older son's 34th birthday. He is in the Navy and his ship is away for awhile so we will celebrate his birthday when he gets back. We got to talk tonight on the phone. As long as I am reposting photos, I think I will repost one of he and Annie that was taken when he was just a few days old. This was with one of my old Nikon F 35mm cameras, using a 50mm f/1.4 Nikor lens, Tri X black & white film and window light. I copied the negative with my scanner, then made the image positive in Photoshop:
Mother and Baby

When I looked at my blog tonight for some reason the side bar was gone. Not just pushed to the bottom, but gone. The posts themselves seem okay and the comments are there but none of the profile, Blogroll, archives or Statcounter shows up. Is anyone else having problems today with Blogger or did something happen to my template? I haven't worked on it for some time so can't understand why it would be corrupted. When I get this posted I'll go back into my Favorites and check some other blogs. It all looked fine this morning. Aren't computers fun sometimes?

Well it all looks fine from here!
Great picture of Huggy, and also of Annie & baby!! She sure was a beauty!
your site looks intact to me too. Must have been a passing thing.
Good luck with the diet and exercize program. I never use a scale (to depressing) I go by how my clothes fit.
They are both great photos. The one of Annie is so dear.
Happy Birthday to your son.
YES I would love to go RVing, Something I dream of for our retirement!
Blogger must have had a temporary glitch Dick, it all looks good now.

What an adorable picture of Annie and your son....Happy Birthday to him!
your site looks fine this morning. maybe your computer just didn't fully load it at the time. Beautiful picture of mother and child.
Looks fine to me!

THe photos are both wonderful!
Hello Dick
As always your photos are excellent , and HUGGY is beautiful here , it looks like she is going to jump right out of my screen :}
Hope you are well MR Mocha :}and I love the Elvis Post ,thanks for letting us tag along .
Hope your happy and well HUGS for Huggy and OK you too haha
Hey Dick,

Great pics as always. The one of Annie and your son is precious and Huggy looks adorable. Birthday wishes to your son.

Sending you support for your excercising. It's not easy to get back into the swing of things. Glad to see SW giving you support.
Computers are "fun" as in "I want to tear my hair out" fun or fun as in "Argh! How?!" fun? ;)

These are such beautiful photos. I love the one of Annie and your son. The composition, lighting, angle. All superb.

And, being a cat lover, I want to tell Huggy he is a handsome fellow, indeed!
First of all the photo of Annie and your son is beautiful. Everything about that photo is wonderful.

Huggy's portrait is a winner too.

It's hard to keep up an exercise routine. Having a dog has forced me over the years to keep walking!
That has happened to me at times with my sidebar, I rebublished and it was fine.

Happy Birthday to your son, and as always your pics are wonderful.

Sorry to hear about your friend's passing, that is always hard.
The photo of your son and Annie is great in terms of composition and tonal range. Man, BW film is so superior to what digitals can do with BW.

Look forward to see more older photos.

Have a great weekend with Huggy.


Your blog looks fine from here ... hope it's all ok at your end now, too.
The photo of Huggy is amazing ... please give her a huge hug and scratch under the chin for me. She is a beautiful cat.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow
Dick, Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens suppose to be a great sharp lens. How do you like it?
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