Thursday, September 21, 2006


A meet with two other bloggers

Yesterday I met Mary Lou and her sister, Phyllis at the Starbucks coffee shop in Burlington. We have been reading each other's blogs for some time now and it was great to finally meet the two of them. Phyllis does work very similar to that I did before retiring, but for a different transit system. Mary Lou is like me, retired now and busier than ever. We prevailed on one of the Barista's to take a few photos of us with my camera and here is one:
Whidbey bloggers & me

After that mocha it was time for lunch, so I had a Polish dog at Costco and bought another 1 GB Compact Flash card for my camera. A year ago these same cards were selling there for $90, now it was $38. Prices on some things are tumbling. I noticed Costco's gas price was $2.59/gal, down a little from last week.

The Check Engine light came on again in my Miata. This has been a problem since the dealer replaced the control computer on a recall back in April. Mazda said today they are working on a software solution and will get back to me in a week or two when they have that solved. I hope they don't have Inspector Clouseau on the case. Oh wait, he is French and this car is Japanese. I guess it will work out okay.

My Digital Photography class is starting off with a real bang. I got the info yesterday online and our weekly assignments are due Fridays, with the first one due tomorrow. I have about half of the reading finished and when I finish this post I'll hop into Photoshop Elements and get to working on the photos we were given to start out with. I won't post them here but will try to do some of my own when we get to that stage.

Rain has come. We are no longer experiencing the driest summer ever, at least for the offical Seattle record. As of last night, this is now the second driest summer on record here but with Fall not arriving until 3-something tomorrow afternoon, I think it will slip to the third driest by then. I miss the nice summer weather!

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That's great seeing the pictures of you all meeting. I enjoy meeting cyber friends for real. It's always interesting and so far everyone I have met has been just who I thought they'd be :)
Well You could have at least picked one with my Mouth shut! ;)

My printer works really well. But it has a teeny tiny cartridge, so I want to see how fast they empty, and how much they cost. 92 and 93 HP's If they dont last very long, the printer is going back! I really liked my 1000 HP, but It was worn out!
Dry in Seattle??!! That seems like an oxymoron. lol. Glad to see you've started your class. I know you will enjoy it. Gas here is around $2.30/gallon right now. I would love to see it go even lower.

Glad you got to meet up with some fellow bloggers. I would love to meet everyone that I blog with. That would be great.
Hi Dick, I've encountered your comments on numerous blogs (we seem to frequent a lot of the same ones), and I know you've visited me a time or two; thought I'd return the favour. A very nice page you have, and your photography is stunning. I'll be back.
Dick - I think you need to add another blog and title it "Mochas With Dick and Huggy". It looks like you were having fun as the lone man at the table!
We must get together with Keewee next time. She is a blast! We'll figure out a time next month. SHe said she likes to shop at the malls so do I, so we can do that.
Hi Dick.
Looks like you are enjoying your time on the road.
I thought $1.31.a litre[gal]was expensive for our petrol[gas]
Mary Lou & Phyllis look like nice folk.Travel safe ,will talk again soon.
P.S. The photos are great.
Now that's just great that you met some fellow bloggers! :-)

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your photography class, and I can't wait to see some of the work you do from it.
Blogeois said...

How wonderful for you to meet blogger friends! Looks like you were having a great time!

Good luck with your photography class. Hope to see some of your pictures online someday.
I have a blog over at too. I became really good friends with a blogger that who lives in the same town my grandmother does and it's across state. I met the woman and it was such a wonderful visit!
Yes, I came here through Dorothy. I've been here before, though. I don't always leave comments, but I read a vast array of blogs.
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