Saturday, September 16, 2006


Rain has come to the northwest

We have had some rain over the last couple of days, the first at all since Aug 9th and the first of much volume since early July. I guess it is bound to happen as we are in a climate area where there is more precipitation than in a lot of other places. It tends to make the area greener than it is in most other places.

The mail yesterday brought a DVD from GR. He is one of those who I attended school with during our high school years. We got together in Spokane at the end of July with six other school friends. Photos were taken and GR combined them, along with music from that time period, into a DVD. I watched my copy last night and it is really neat. You did a good job on it, GR!

It looks like SW will be a good friend, rather than more. I have to admit to being sad about that but as I said earlier you can never have too many good friends. It sure doesn't help to live 300 miles apart, but she also has different interests in ways to occupy time than I do. But I am trying to be less sedentary. I've started attending a regular exercise class at the YMCA at 08:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will also be looking for more things to get involved in doing.

I checked yesterday at the college and there is still space left in that digital photography class that I want to take this fall. I would take it on a special fee basis as a senior so I am just auditing the class but I can't sign up until the first day of classes, if there is space available. That day is Monday & I plan to go register after I finish my exercise class at the Y. I went ahead and bought the three books listed for the class, all $85 worth of them. I'll post more about this as I get started with the class and I am looking forward to it.

I guess I startled at least one reader of this blog a couple of posts ago by the way I titled the post. She thought at first that I held a memorial service for Huggy. No, happily Huggy is doing fine. The memorial service was for a friend from church. There have been others I should have attended since Annie's death but this was the first one I felt I could go to. I am going to include a photo here that was taken in Feb, 2005 in Yuma, Arizona of Huggy sleeping on the driver's seat of our motorhome. She really does get into some of the most uncomfortable looking positions at times:
Huggy in RV 2

That's one comfy lookin' kitty.
I'm getting a crick in my neck just looking at her, but they seem to sleep pretty good in some very kinked-up positions. She's a gorgeous kitty. :-)

Sorry things aren't working out for a romantic relationship with SW, but don't quit looking because this didn't work out for you. You'll find someone when you least expect it, more than likely.

Have a good Sunday, Dick, and maybe you can use that certificate for a free bloomin' onion tomorrow for Sunday Dinner. :-)
The class sounds like fun, and the cat looks so comfortble, I'm jealous. Glad your having a good week
Pretty grey kitty!

I took a digital photography class a while ago and i really learned a lot. You are going to love it.
Isn't it amazing the positions cats get into while sleeping? And boy oh boy do they sleep! Sure wish I could sleep like that! LOL

Sorry about the relationship...better to find out now than to get invested and find out later, though. You'll find someone, sweety...we both will!

Send some of your rain down here to Vegas, k? WE NEED IT!

Have a super weekend!!
Hi, I didn't see an email for you, but wanted to write to say thanks for visiting my blog and writing about your RV experiences. Very cool. Will keep reading you!
Cats get in such great positions. It makes a person feel more relaxed just watching them.

I've been grateful for our rain, not only the pastures but also reducing fire danger. Unfortunately it means log trucks back heavily on the road but oh well, can't have everything and that is some people's bread and butter-- not to mention housing for the rest of us.

As for relationships-- at my point in life, I value the friendships most of all. I can see why you want a woman who would be more but so many don't end well or cause grief but a good friend lasts, you can do things with them and there isn't all that angst with it. :)
Aw, it's a dog's, er, cat's life! :) Looks like Huggy travels in style.

Your exercise class sounds like a great idea, good for you! And your photography class, too. I look forward to reading about what you learn.
I feel like a nap, just looking at Huggy!!! :) would be nice to be a cat.
Huggy is just so beautiful and the name seems so perfect for she looks
just like one you could hug. Sorry things did not work out in the relationship
but I always say if it is meant to be it will be.
Good luck with the class I hope you are able to get in.
Have a good week.
Cats can make napping look so comfortable! She is a cutie.
So how about Wednesday at 11:00? Mary Lou is meeting me at my house at 10:00 and it takes about an hour to drive there. Where do you want to meet?
Thanks for the pic of Huggy , cats can sleep anywhere cant they , and by the looks of this , in any position LOL
Sorry your SW wants to be just friend s but it is always great to have friends !!!!!
It will happen foryou , take a page out of Huggys book , relax and enjoy the ride LOL LOL LOL
Hugs for Huggy
Take care drive safe mr. Mocha

I will be there at Starbucks at 11:00 or soon after. Depends on when my sis gets here and the traffic.
I don't know - Huggy looks very comfy to me! Makes me sleepy.

And the exact right person will come along when you least expect it and probably when you're not even trying....
I hope you get to take that class. I am looking forward to seeing your photo assignments.

Huggy looks adorable sleeping on the seat.
Uncomfortable for a human perhaps, but Huggy has the comfy-cat pose mastered!

I didn't know she was a "she"...sorry I kept calling her a "he". How embarrassing. Hope she didn't overhear my blunders! ;)
Huggy is a soft-looking and pettable!
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