Thursday, September 07, 2006


SW's birthday is today, Sep 7th

Today is SW's birthday. She is now older than me. For three days. We were babies in the hospital nursery together in Spokane, although in different hospitals. Back then Mothers were kept in the hospital for a week after giving birth. I think hospitals were more afordable back then than they are now. Who could afford to stay for a week now? This week in September used to have three birthdays that were important to me in it. Now there are four.

I got my driver's license renewed today. It cost me $140. I decided to go ahead and keep my Commercial Driver's License (CDL) as it would be almost impossible to get it back if I let it go. If I want to work as a volunteer driving for a senior center or some other similar place I will need it. So, I first had to have a DOT physical exam. That was at 08:00 and cost $85 but it confirmed that I am still alive. Then I went to the DL place. On Thursday they don't open until 09:30. Not wanting to sit outside waiting for 40 min, I did what I do so well & went to Starbucks for a mocha. Then back to the DL place a bit after 10. The regular license costs $25, plus $30 for the CDL, so $140 for both, with the medical exam. That is good for five years, but I have to have the physical annually. If I want to use the CDL.

SW called me just after 11. The florist had arrived with the bouquet of silk flowers I had ordered. She loves white roses but does have some alergies so I thought silk flowers might be best. She liked them a lot so I guess I made a good choice and so did the floral shop as they had to round up white silk roses. I wish I were over there with her on this special day.

This afternoon my neighbors & I walked back to Starbucks where I just had a cup of decaf coffee this time. I am going to try to walk a few miles every day along with my every other day work out at the Y. Maybe I'll start drinking just a tall mocha rather than a grande. Fewer calories, fewer dollars. Sounds good. That will help pay for the minutes on my cell phone that I doubled tonight. I am already 20 min over my old 450 anytime minutes for this month that doesn't end until the 19th. I've used that 470 plus about 800 free night & weekend minutes already this month. I am finally getting good use out of my cell phone!

Hmmmm....sounds like there might be something to this "friendship" after all. :-) I hope you find the relationship you've wished for, Dick. Best wishes and happy birthday to SW and to you on the tenth as I'll be gone camping again. :-)
White silk roses....nice choice. Hope all the September birthdays that are important to you are very happy!
As much as I love real flowers, silk does last forever, so it was a good choice.

Maybe you should look into another cell phone plan, I have 1400 anytime rollover minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and free mobile to mobile for about 80 dollars a month for two phones.
I'll probably forget on Sunday so EARLY Happy Birthday from another Virgo. My son's is the 11th (he'll be 40 this year) and mine is 2 days after that. Gotta love Virgos. :-)

As to the earlier post about losing your friend to cancer, I hate to hear that. I haven't been able to attend any type services since Mike passed (almost 2 years now). It's just too emotional for me.

Keep posting - your entries are always great. Now that I'm working full-time it's much harder for me to find time to update mine. LOL!
Hi Dick
A very Happy Birthday to your Friend an an early Happy Birthday wish for you !!!!
You are a true gentleman, white silk roses are beauties , and sending a woman flowers on her birthday ,GOT TO LOVE IT !!!!

Glad your "STILL ALIVE" tee hee
and your physical went well ,Be careful driving out there and good to hear your having a decaf once in awhile LOL,,,,MR.MOCHA

Hugs for HUGGY
take care
A plain DECAF? From 'Bucks?? Sacrilege!
It's already Sunday in Australia, so I just wanted to wish you a hugely HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and hope you have an amazing day.
Take care, Meow
I'm glad to know you found out that you're still alive Dick! LOL

Happy Birthday to your friend!
Happy Birthday, Dick!

And white silk flowers? So classy and thoughtful! What a man.

Cheek nuzzles to Huggy. :)

Email: nothotmail @ shaw . ca (without the spaces, of course)
Happy Birthday!!! You are a very thoughtful man - I think silk flowers was an excellent choice.. :)

Your last post scared me. I thought you had a memorial service for Huggy!!!! Whew.

Take care and best wishes.
bYIKES!!! I did not look at my Calendar until today.

happy brothers is 9-11
I have one coming up next month on 10-10
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