Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Testing a new lens

I did get registered for the Digital Photography class at Skagit Valley College yesterday and we already have some assignments. It will be an online class but the instructor is available via phone, email or in person at his office if one needs to meet with him. There is quite a bit to this first assignment. I have completed the first of four things to do in addition to reading quite a bit in two of the three texts. It should be interesting. Today is effectively the first day of the class and this assignment is due this Friday. I am glad that I didn't sign up for the Photoshop class at the same time!

Tomorrow I will be meeting two bloggers from Whidbey Island for mochas. It should be interesting to get to know these two ladies in person.

I have been faithful on my trips to the YMCA to exercise. I hope it will do what I want it to do, have me loose some weight & get into better physical shape, and that I keep up with the program. I really want to do it so think it won't be something that gets dropped.

I finally did get the chance to go out and take some photos with my new Nikor 50mm f/1.8 lens. This would be considered a standard lens on a 35mm camera but on mine is fills the CCD (image sensor) like a 75mm lens would on a 35mm. In other words, it becomes like a slight telephoto, but it is fast in that it opens pretty big to let a lot of light in. It will work better in low light levels than my other lenses.

This first photo is of the small island in our front yard. The red lava rock is new this year, replacing cedar bark. It should be more permanent than the bark. The photo isn't all that great but it does show sharpness and depth of field:
Fall yard 01

Next is a scene in the front yard of my neighbor's house. He painted this manual water pump & set it in place with the old bench. I think it looks kind of neat:
Fall yard 02

Here are some more flower photos, but this one includes a passenger. There is a snail snuggled down into the bloom on the left:
Fall yard 03

These are probably the last of the roses for the season. As you can see I can't get anywhere near as close with this lens as I can with the macro one, but the image is pretty close. This is a slight enlargement, not using quite all of the full frame:
Fall yard 04

This sign came with the house when we bought it and the message on it sure is correct. I am not much of a yard work person but happily the yard isn't too large. I am planning to use more of that red lava rock next year to cut down even more on things that have to continually be done. Anyway, here is the sign:
Fall yard 05

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Glad you got into your photography class, Dick. Will you post some of your assignments on the blog?

Hope you have good time meeting your new friends for mochas.

Keep up the good work with your exercising. I need to do some myself, but I'm very limited in what I can do due to my arthritis and some other health concerns.

Have a good rest of the week, Dick. ;D
The flower pictures are so clear and crisp Dick. And the snail is gorgeous - what a beautiful shell he has!

I'm wondering too if you'll be posting some of your homework on your blog. Keep us updated on what you're learning in class - sounds interesting.
Some excellent photos as usual Dick. I am sure you have answered this question a number of times before but what kind of camera do you have?

The on-line class does sound very interesting.
just browsing a few blogs I come over from Gwens
love your photo's the colour of the hydragea and the snail and that rose so vivid. i shall return to read more
Dick, you take beautiful photographs. Love the one with the snail. It looks all cozy snuggled in like that! And the colors! WOW!

Good luck with the working out, dear one. And I hope your meet up with your friends goes wonderfully!
Cool pics. Especially love the snail pic - so lovely nature enjoying nature. The sign is hilarious - that's my garden. I haven't been at all faithful this year about weeding the flower beds, just too busy running after toddlers. Oh well, next year perhaps Weeden will be more like Eden. Ha ha.
I love the roses. Beautiful!!!
Those are good shots Dick, I'm glad you're enjoying your class!

I LOVE the little weeden sign!
Alan, the camera I use most is a Nikon D70s digital SLR. I bought it in July 2005 and love using it.

I will probably post some photos from the class. This first week we are not using any of our own work, just working with three images in Photoshop that the instructor has posted on the school system.

The get together for a mocha today with the two Whidbey Island bloggers was fun. Look for a post soon about it.
Oh, beautiful example of depth of field and sharpness. I also love the rose photo.

Glad to see you're keeping busy! :) And you're right. It's probably a good thing you waited for the Photoshop class.
Okay, that's it. I NEDD that lens! Your pics are wonderful, as usual!

So glad that you got the class. I only wish I was in it with you and meeting you for mochas! Can't wait for more class pics.
Hi Dick, Great photos!! I particularly like the water pump and the roses.
It was fun meeting you in person and chatting!! Give us a call next time you are through here.
Those are really crisp and clear! It was really nice meeting you today! We went on to COSTCO and spent wayyyy too much money! I did get a new printer. only 79.00!! HP 3150, all in one! SO far so good.
Dick, these a great pictures, I think I will upgrade my small pocket camera in the very near future.
I sure wish I could have met with you, Phyllis and Mary Lou yesterday. Today I get to lunch with my blogger sisters for the first time.
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