Saturday, October 21, 2006


A great poem by Maggie

Today I found a great poem Maggie wrote and posted on her blog, Mind Moss that I found especially good. I asked her if I could post it here and she said I could, so here it is:


We lived a lifetime
Maybe two
Old souls fit together
Like the long-worn sweater
Or constant companion
Walking shoe.
Who would guess
I should be the one
Half storyless
Or that there would be a time
When I would
Gaze into a future
Where summer days were left behind
Then snowflakes
Fell upon my head
Leaving cold silver strands
To grow and spread.

All those morning suns we woke
All those dreams we formed and spoke
All those years we stood beside
All those decades of turning tides

I keep the tale we wrote
And write it
Every day again
To fill my heart with longing
And the warmth of
My empty pain
I smile at the remnants
That tell me little moments
All brought together
Scream the life we sculpted
It is the inherent sorrow
Of the joy of being two
That one must leave the other
Before their story was through.

All those days were filled with us
All those nights we turned and touched
All those times your eyes read mine
All those moments we built in time

And so I keep our story
Close upon my mind
Because I was appointed
As the one left behind.

Isn't that great! Maggie posts a poem every Friday that she has written on her blog and they are good. This one is especially poignant to me due to the fact that I find myself in that same position. Thank you, Maggie.

You're welcome Dick and thank you.
Hi, Dick. You're right the poem is good, and I can see why you relate to it so much. :-)

Hope your sale does well today. Don't buy too much or you'll have to declutter again. ;D

Thanks for your well wishes for Jessica, Jason and Peanut. I really appreciate it. :-)

Yes, the water in my photos is dirty because we had a big rain day before yesterday and the runoff makes the water brown. It usually makes for some good catfishing, but not yesterday.

Have a great weekend, Dick, and give Huggy some lovin' for me. :-)

I see you were in Leavenwoth, we went through there a few days ago, nice place, after visiting gail in Auburn, drove back to Canada in the rain right past you and Mt Vernon.

We had a nice few days away, now we head home to Oliver from Maple Ridge
Hi Dick, Rain directed me here today. I am on the widowed road too and I love poem. Take care of yourself. I'll be back to visit.
That Maggie IS pretty amazing with the words. Thanks for the opportunity to read this again.
Thanks for posting this Dick. What a touching poem. Makes me sad to think about the future! I know I dont want to be the one left behind, just thinking of it is puts a huge lump in my throat. But I guess the choice isnt ours to make is it? All we can do is make the most of the time we do have while we are both still here, then when that dreaded time comes, the one remaining will have many memories to see us through to the next phase of life.
May your memories keep you content with a past well lived and loved.

Thanks for sharing Maggie's words.

I wanted to let you know I've set up shop on WordPress. I certainly don't promise regular updates, but I will be there from time to time. Hope to see you!
Hi Dick...while since my last visit
been pretty busy ,but after reading
Maggies poem no one should be too busy to visit or find time to talk.
Keep well till next time
Gday Dick
Thank You for sharing Maggies poem
i can relate to this poem as i find myself in the the same situation.
Take care
Hello Dick

great poem , words from the heart , thank you for sharing them .
and Dick , thanks for the comment on my blog ,It made me feel better , so thank you Mr.Mocha
belly rubs for HUGGY
Drive safe,
What a great poem..... she really got to the bare bones feeling of it, didn't she?
That was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Hope all is well with you Dick.
Wonderful poem. It was very touching. Thanks for sharing it.
Great poem!!
What a wonderful poem, Dick ... thanks for sharing. I might just have to go on over and visit Maggie.
Hope you are keeping well, and busy, and that Huggy is a happy kitty.
Enjoy your week, Dick.
Take care, Meow
This is lovely. Thank you for sharing your friend's talent with us. I'd like to go tell her as well.
Have a good weekend.
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