Thursday, October 05, 2006


Heading for Port Townsend today

I am heading by Miata to Whidbey Island in a couple of hours to catch the ferry boat to Port Townsend. There I will meet GV and JA, fulltime RVers who are currently in the area for lunch, a visit (I haven't seen them since March in Eugene, OR while driving the Miata home from Tucson)and looking around the town. I will take my camera and will be back home tonight.

So far this week I have been getting my house cleaned up a bit. My DIL came up yesterday while K was in school to help and we got a lot of things sorted. I have more to do but it is looking a lot better than it did before this week. The place really isn't dirty, just cluttered. I haven't thrown much away since loosing Annie and now it is time to get that process started.

BP and I are going to slow down a bit. I think I was too enthused and jumped too fast. We will see each other but not quite as often as I had hoped for. I hope a good relationship will continue to develop, just a little slower. I am still very impressed with BP and do hope good things come from getting to know each other better.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Dick.

I need to declutter my house as well. Maybe a little Spring cleaning in the Fall. That's so nice that you have your DIL around to help.

Relationships that grow over a longer period tend to last longer, in my book. Don't worry.. :)
HI Dick,
sounds like you are a busy guy ,nothing like de cluttering to revive a room, hope your not working to hard .
and as far as the ladies go , slow is good,at least the door is open and you still have the yahoo !black book. if you have patience ,it will pay off , it will all play out as it should. keep your spirits up Mr.Mocha and give Huggy a cuddle for me

A very pretty lady indeed! Yes, slow is good....

It's hard for awhile to remove things from your home after your beloved has passed away. Really hard. It sounds like you've come to that point where you're happy with your memories of your beloved Annie and ready to make some happy new ones. God bless you Dick, you made it through just like I did, and so many before us. ((hugs))
Slowing down is not a bad thing. Remember the saying "slow and steady wins the race" ?? It stands true with relationships, too.
Good on you for getting into the house. It must be difficult to get started, but you have obviously come to the time where it can be done.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow
I hope you had a good day. It's nice to see old friends.

Hey, Did ya see me wave?
You drove right by me!!
Hi Dick
Have a wonderful day and take plenty of photo's.
Dick. its not easy parting with loved ones clothes and posessions and I understand what your going through I lost my darling 2 years ago today. ( see update on my blog). As for your new lady friend take things slowly and get to know her and I hope all works out for you . Take Care cheers
I hope you find meaningful companionship with someone special soon.Maybe BP or perhaps someone else. Either way, I understand how important it can be to have someone to share the day to day things with. Your enthusiasm just shows how much happiness you had with Annie.
Slow and steady wins the race...
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