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My trip to Pt. Townsend, WA last Thursday

Pt. Townsend is a town located on the northern part of the Olympic Penninsula on the Puget Sound side. It is accessible by road but also from my side of the pond (Puget Sound) via a ferry boat ride on the Washington State Ferry System from Keystone on Whidbey Island. There currently are an RV couple I know who are staying in Sequim which is near Pt. Townsend and we agreed to meet in P.T. for lunch & a visit on Thursday, Oct. 5th. It is about an hour drive for me from home to Keystone where I caught the 11:15 boat for the 1/2 hour crossing. The cost for a walk on without a car is only $2.50 each direction. (I am going to change my habit of putting photo descriptions above the photo and go to putting it below, starting now.)

Pt Townsend 01
This shows the downtown shoreline as the ferry was approaching it's turn into the slip where it moors. We passed the boat going the other direction a bit before our arrival. With two boats operating there is service every 45 minutes each way, at least in the mid-day.

Pt Townsend 02
Here is the slip as the boat approaches. Pt. Townsend is a town from the late 1800s and many buildings from that era have been restored to look as they did when new. I don't know for sure what the one on the hill above the slip is but it looks kind of like a school. Maybe our bloggers from Whidbey Island who have been here more than I will know and can answer that in a comment. Phyllis or Mary Lou?

Pt Townsend 03
This is a different view of the downtown waterfront from the boat as we were comming into the slip. You can see the prop wash from the propellers at the front slowing our approach so it just smoothly enters the slip.

Pt Townsend 04
This is a street scene just a few blocks east of the ferry dock. You can see a couple of examples of the old restored buildings. Also note that the leaves on the trees have not started to turn to their fall colors even though this was taken on Oct. 5th. I think the closness to the water moderates the climate so much that it doesn't get cold enough here to cause them to change very early in the fall season.

Pt Townsend 05
Here is another of the restored buildings. It is not falling over backward but I had to use a wide angle lens to get even this much of it into the photo and the perspective is exagerated. I also worked quite awhile in Photoshop to remove some of the most obnoxious power lines from the upper part of the building. I wish the town would spend the money to put them all under ground. It would improve photos a lot!

We had lunch at a Thai restaurant that was very good. I am not one for the fire hot foods but they had some that were just my speed, so I was happy. After lunch G wanted to go to a special place for desert, so we headed off for it.

Pt Townsend 06
This is the Elevated Ice Cream & Candy Shop. They make their own product and sell them by the pound, including the ice cream. That way you can buy just a small amount of ice cream, enough to taste & enjoy but without a lot of caleries. I like that plan!

Pt Townsend 07
This is the main candy counter. We each bought one truffel, which was very good. I got a mocha when I first arrived as I got there before G & J so got to enjoy it while people watching. On our way back to the ferry boat I bought an Americano at the same store, then boarded the 15:45 boat for Keystone.

I got back home shortly before 18:00 after a very enjoyable day trip with friends and also seeing a part of my area that I don't get to often enough. I think I will need to go back soon.

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What a nice town, That old blue building is incredible! Glad you had such a nice time. I agree with you about the power lines!
Going directly into Pt Townsend is so much prettier than going into Kingston and just driving there. I love the way you show off the's one of my favorites in the area.
Good Photos Dick.
What wonderful photos, of a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing, Dick. Glad you had a nice time. Take care, Meow
You would think that a town as proud of it's beautiful historic buildings as PT would bury the damn power lines. I found the same problem in Santa Fe. All this glorious adobe, and 15 lines in the way if each shot.
Hello Dick
Thanks for letting us tag along , your pics are great ,sounds like you had a great time,and sweet treats yum
have a great day and hugs for HUGGY
mR. mocha '
Your photos have this lovely crisp quality to them that I find so delightful! Thank you for sharing. (And, count me in on the power line thoughts!!)
My first visit here....thanks for the tour of PT it looks lovely. I visited the Seattle/Mt. Ranier area a long, long time ago....back in 1956/57(?) with my parents and siblings. My dad had been stationed at Mt. Ranier while in the service and my mom stayed with a couple in Seattle that they became very close with. I actually even swam in Washington Lake while there......good memories.....thanks for triggering them!
Beautiful photos!!
Looks like you picked a glorious day for your visit! Lovely photos Dick.
Hi Dick.
I thought it time I paid you another visit.
Your photo's are great and it looks like you had a great day.
Till I visit again
Keep Well..
Wow Dick what great pictures! Glad you had a good time, and looks like great weather too!
HI Dick
Beautifull Photo's love the restored building and candy shop yummy ,Take Care
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