Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A play day with the Red Hatters

Annie started and was the Queen of the Little Mountain Red Hatters here in Mt. Vernon. The chapter continues today under the Queenship (is that a word?) of our neighbor, B. Their outing for the month of October was a trip to a great play at the Stanwood Grange that included V, the male half of our park management team. It was called, "The Silver Horseshow Revue." Husbands were included on that day and I was invited as a guest of the chapter.

The play is done as a radio show, with the actors playing their parts over the air, speaking into microphones, just as if it were being done live and we were the studio audience. There also was some good music along with the play, from a live music troup.

Stanwood play 01
This is the cover of the program.

Stanwood play 02
The next photo shows the overall stage. It was done pretty simply with just one setting but also very well. The lady in the far back of the stage was the sound effects person.

Stanwood play 03
This view shows most of the musicians at work. They ranged from very experienced to almost new with their instruments, but provided very enjoyable music.

Stanwood play 04
Our park manager, V, is the guy here in the checked shirt. There was a definate story line, you could even say there were a couple of them that were woven together to make the whole.

Stanwood play 05
As you can probably guess from the color of V's cowboy hat, this was one of the surprise moments in the play. Most of them are not pink in color.

Stanwood play 06
This scene is a wrap-up with pretty much all of the performers and musicians on stage. The play was a lot of fun and I really appreciate being invited by my neighbor, J, and the whole chapter.

One other thing happened there. I met a new lady in our park and a new member of the Red Hat Chapter, P, who also lost her spouse to death a little over a year ago. She is a neat lady and we have done something together every day since. More later on this new relationship. I don't want to jinx it! It is kind of ironic, I joined Yahoo Personals to meet single ladies and the two who have most become involved in my life are a long time school friend and a lady I met through Annie's Red Hatter chapter, neither having anything to do with Yahoo Personals! Go figure.

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Not only does that play look like a lot of fun, but how lovely to have been included by the Hatters!

The best to you and P. You're in my thoughts. :)
This sounded like a ton of fun! Good for you for going along, and see what happens?
Well, I'm happy for you that you're making progress with finding a lady friend, Dick. Even if this relationship doesn't work out, don't give up. There's a lady out there for you. You just have to find each other. :-)

Happy Halloween to you and Huggy, Dick!!
Happy Halloween Dick!

It just goes to show you that sometimes good things come to you without even trying.

Thanks for sharing the pics from the show. I love the pink cowboy hat. :lol:
the play looks like fun and as for the yahoo, the thing was you were opening yourself up and that was the important part of doing that. Good luck with the new friendship.
Hi Dick
looks like a lot of fun Good luck with your new lady friend.
take care keep smiling
Sounded like a fun day!!
The Lord will put the right person in your life when He thinks you are ready. As far as yahoo and any other match making program, I just don't trust most of them.
Sometimes, if you search too hard, you won't find it...and in the meantime it finds you through other means! :) Good luck and YAY!!!!
Those red hat ladies...wilder than cougars they are...
Of course "Queenship" is a word! Even if you did invent it.
Have you seen the Prairie Home Companion movie?
Yay for you, Dick! Sounds like a really fun day. That's grand. You take really good pics, too.
Sometimes we meet who we're looking for (but don't know it) in the most unexpected places Dick! I hope this works out for you!
Glad to see things getting a little brighter in your neck of the woods Dick. Live entertainment photos look great.

PS...I got myself a Nikon D80 by the way. Thanks for the input.
Looks like a blast!
Hello Dick

Looks like you have been having fun , great too see! And you are redhot with the ladies lately , great that you are meeting new people and rekindling old friendships , good luck in that department .
Hope you well and I bet your still losing weight cause I found a pound or two since Halloween , Hmmmm I wonder how that happened LOL

Hugs for Huggy
later mr Mocha
HEY! The Author of that play was Sandra Hollenbeck, And She Directed A play I produced for The Whidbey Playhouse!
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