Monday, October 16, 2006


A recent road trip

My friend SW had some pretty heavy duty dental surgery last Wednesday and wasn't feeling very good after it. I drove to her town very early last Friday and spent a few days there helping her. I am glad to say that she is doing much better now. I enjoyed the time we spent together and think she did, too. I took the Saturn rather than the Miata and left Huggy home in the care of my neighbors. My furry friend fix came with Sami, SW's Yorkshire Terrier, who seems to like me pretty well. I also managed to avoid getting any speeding tickets this time!

I have sent a few email notes to ladies on the Yahoo Personals site recently. I got an answer back from one over the weekend and I think we are going to get together for a mocha and to talk. SW says to meet as many different folks as I can and try to enjoy just meeting people. If the right one comes along, then I'll hopefully be able to recognize it. I have to try to not get too invested too soon again.

My Navy son drove up after work today to spend the night here, rather than sleeping on his ship. Nice to have him around.

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Thanks for posting the photos of Leavenworth. I seriously want to get down there someday.
Hey DIck, THe show closes this Saturday, but we have lots of seat left, why dont you bring a friend to Thursday's show? starts at 7:30 it is really really good!!
Hi Dick
Glad to hear your friend going ok after her dental work.
Take your time meeting new ladies and we will find someone in time
remember Slow and steady wins the race. Take care.
SW has good advice and the other thing I would recommend is meet people as early as you can in the process to avoid fantasy taking over. So often with meeting people through internet, they imagine who the other is and as you said, get invested before they really know the person.
SW is a smart woman. You are still young, so take your time. And you are a good friend to take care of her.
You always sound so busy , you are a great friend helping and taking out shopping ,nice of you !

I always enjoy your blog , and your last few photos are as always GREAT, you have a great eye , Good luck in the Personals , take care , and when you see Huggy you know what I want ya to do for me hahaha
Take care Mr Mocha
Sound like a relaxing time.
Glad to hear that SW is feeling better. She's lucky to have a friend like you.

That's a great idea about leaving more than one email. I know it's just a matter of time before you find her.
Good advice from your friend and nice of you to be such a good friend in return and helping her.

I also agree with your friend Rain's comment about meeting quickly to avoid letting fantasy take over.
Hi Dick. You don't know me (obviously), but you put your situation out here in Blogland and I read it, so I'm going to give you my two cents worth of good advice. It's probably only worth about what you'll pay for it, but you never know! Sometimes truth and wisdom come from places we never expect it to come from -- including a total stranger who has experienced much of what you have written, and who learned (the hard way) another way of getting around things.

The first penny I'd spend would be on what I think about you looking for a new woman.

I've been at both ends of the receiving line on this one. I've had a mother die, a father quickly remarry and I've been left after a husband died and have looked for a new love. Both of those situations have taught me some truths.

The truth of the matter is, no matter what your children or grandchildren are telling you, they are still going through the loss-process with the death of their mother/grandma. You bring in a new chick (regardless of age) and you'll open a can of worms you may not think exist, but they do.

What to do then? In a nutshell? Nothing. Oh, I don't mean sit around on your butt and sulk. Hardly. I mean get out there and go on those trips on the bus, visit friends, have coffee with cute gals -- but do it because it's good for you to be out with people. Don't do it because you're "looking for THE ONE". Do you see the difference?

You've been public transit driver for years and now you're retired? The chances are you aren't in the greatest of shape physically. Do something about that right now. Meaning begin right now. Focus your energies on getting in the best shape physically that you've been since you were, oh say thirty or even twenty-five years old.

Got hobbies? Go for it!! Join groups that focus on those. Go to church and volunteer at the hospital or a youth center.

Forget replacing your Annie or anything that even slightly or remotely resembles doing that. Focus on your grandkids if you have 'em. Focux on your son and DIL. But don't let them be your end-all be-all for social activities.

IF "she" is out will attract her! You will attract her to you because you will be thinking positive, happy, loving thoughts. Hopeful thoughts, uplifting thoughts, I-can-do-whatever-I-set-my-mind-to-do kinds of thoughts. She will be drawn to that. If she is to come to you she will. If NOT, then what do you end up with?? A truly interesting and fulfilling LIFE. That's a great thing to have with or without a partner and the only way one gets to have that is by not "looking".

I hope some or all of this has helped you a bit? It's free and it's from the heart of one who knows what they are talking about. Truly.

Just been to leavenworth myself traveling from Oliver to Seattle, will post some pics in a few days, then drove thru Mt vernon on the way back to BC in the rain.

while in Auburn, went to look at the Tacoma narrows bridge construction again, more pics soon from my blog
Hi Dick, sorry I haven't been by lately. Hope all is going well with you. Good luck with ther personals ... do take care, though.
"Anonymous" has some interesting things to say, and I agree with many of the things they say. I guess everyone has different ideas. Just do what feels right for you, take things slowly, and everything should be fine.
Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs for Huggy. Take care, Meow
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