Sunday, October 01, 2006


Wow, what a day!

Let me back up a little. Thanks to SWs pushing me I joined Yahoo Personals on Thursday night. It is similar to - an online matching service. After I paid my fee, I spent an hour filling out the question form so that it could make a profile for me and I was a member. The next morning I went looking for ladies in the age range I was interested in (55 - 65) who live within 50 miles of Mt. Vernon. There were 426 of them! The computer allows you to sort them by a variety of things including how close a match are they to me, so I did that.

About the fourth one down that match list was a gal age 62 who lives in Bellingham, about 25 miles north of me. Her picture was cute and when I read her profile and what she was looking for in a guy I thought this one really sounded good. As as added bonus, she was online at that time so should get my note quickly. Less than an hour later I had a note back from her & she said, after looking at my info, that she would like to meet me. We decided to go to straight regular email as it is quicker & easier than going through the Yahoo thing.

We were both going to our own churches (which are compatible) today so agreed to meet at a restaurant in Bellingham about 12:30, after church. I was there with a red rose, she arrived as scheduled, and she really is cuter in person than in her photo! We spent the whole day together, showing me around the town, walking at the marina, watching kites flying, but mostly talking.

Needless to say, my emotions are flying high. I am highly impressed with this young (she is 1 year, 2 months, 3 days younger than me) lady and I want to spend a lot more time together with her. Now maybe I should drop Yahoo Personals...

Edited 10/8/2006 - I am sorry to say that this relationship is not going to work out. Back to square one for me.


Wow, that is so totally great, Dick. I hope this works and she is definitely a cutie-- not to mention looks like a nice person. You have good judgement.
Woo hoo! She is very pretty! Good luck, my friend! Grab that brass ring!
Oh, I am soo happy for you! She sounds wonderful. Did you get butterflies?
Dick you have found a pretty lady. I wish you well.
Oh, Dick ... I am so happy for you. She looks, and sounds, wonderful. Got my fingers crossed for you, that she is the one for you. Have fun.
Take care, Meow
Alright for you Dick. Am glad to see you riding those clouds. She is definitely a cutie and the best of luck in your relationship.
Dick, congratulations. Sounds like you have found someone to have lots of fun with. And that you've been talking a lot, you know the exact difference in your ages! So cute.
She's cute...

I went looking around yahoo personals at old classmates. Found a couple who weren't being very honest because I know their wives....ooooopsy!
WAHOO! Lucky you...and LUCKY HER!!!
She's a looker, for sure. Good luck and God speed.
Hi Dick
in a word YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO! it isnt just for internet LOL
I am so happy for you ,sounds like a match and holding hands ,she must like you as you do her . Wonderful to see you walking on clouds , best of luck , and she is a HOTTIE! Hope she likes cats
Hugs for Huggy
hi Dick
She sounds just right for you good luck
Dick, at first I was going to say OH NO HE'S FALLEN FOR THE DATING SERVICE RACKET, but it looks like you found that needle in the haystack, my friend. She's a doll. Quite pretty...looks great for her age, too. Now, take it slow, don't rush, but don't let her get away either. Just a little free soul mate coaching there, lol. I like this...I'm feeling good vibrations coming from this...keep us informed how it goes! Get'em tiger!
Looks like you hit the jackpot! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. She looks fabulous for her age! Hope everything works out.

I love your cat! So beautiful and by the name I assume it's very affectionate. Lucky you! My cat is a little aloof!
Dick, thank you for stopping by my blog again. We share some great friends online, I've noticed.

Sorry it didn't work out but don't give just means this ONE wasn't meant to be and that's okay.

Take care of you and have fun on your travels. :)
PS: I'm adding you to my sidebar tomorrow if that's okay. :)
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