Monday, November 27, 2006


10,000 visits & the Festival of Trees

Today my hit counter racked up the ten thousandth visit to my blog since I put the counter on last spring. There had been some hits before it was added but I have no idea how many. Thanks to all who have come to visit and I especially enjoy those who take the time to post a comment as they are really appreciated.

Once a year in my town of Mount Vernon, Washington, the Festival of Trees is held. Various people and groups do a special job of decorating Christmas trees that are then auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is a charitable fund raiser with the money going to a different group every year. This year it is going to the new cancer unit at the local hospital. Pat, her daughter C and I didn't go to the auction but for the two days after that you can visit and look at them. We did go last Saturday to do just that and I took some photos of a few of the trees. Here are some of those photos:

Festival of Trees 01
First is a sign that was posted there listing the sponsors.

Festival of Trees 02
The show is held in a local private school (note the basketball hoop) and each person who buys a ticket to view them is given a vote to select one as the People's Choice. As it turned out, Pat and I each selected the same one and this is it. It has a rock & roll theme.

Festival of Trees 03
This one was about princesses and I guess I took the photo mainly for my two grand daughters who like prindesses.

Festival of Trees 04
This is the University of Washington themed tree. It is located in Seattle and while I never attended school there my youngest son did graduate from this school. Their mascot is an Alaskan Husky dog.

Festival of Trees 05
Here is a closer view of part of the display that goes along with the U of W tree.

Festival of Trees 06
I am not sure of the theme of this one but it was attractive to me so I photographed it. The next photo is a closeup of part of this display.

Festival of Trees 07

Festival of Trees 08
This shows four of the trees and part of the display that goes along with them. The whole show is interesting and they are very well presented for viewing.

Festival of Trees 09
This is another closeup of one of the display scenes.

Festival of Trees 10
And another closeup of one of the trees with other lights and things in the background. I really enjoyed the show although I can not afford to buy a tree there. Since it is a fund raiser they go for a rather high price but I hesitate to say how much as I am not sure. I do look forward to seeing them again next year.

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The trees are gorgeous, Dick, and you did a good job photographing them. I got some pics today but I still have to look them over and decide if I want to post any of them.

Seeing these pretty Christmas trees and decorations almost makes me want to drag out all my stuff and put my tree and decorations up. Almost.... ;D Soon, though. :-)
HI Dick
such an array of differently decorated trees thanks for sharing these lovely photo's
Wow some really gorgeous trees there! Thanks for sharing them with us Dick, I love Christmas! :)
I don't know if it's my current melancholy mood, but I love Christmas so much and your pictures here made me tear pretty.
Gosh, what beautiful trees AND pictures. Now, I want all new decorations! :)
Beautiful! But imagine trying to pack and store all of those decorations! *sigh* Probably best you were just "window shopping" :o)
beautiful trees, very festive.
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